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”It is never the matter of ability or capability… It is only the matter of MOTIVATION”

Wesley Virgin has been a respected personal trainer in Texas for over 10 years.

He has personally helped hundreds of regular, average people, just like you, to lose fat, gain muscle, and get in shape faster than they ever thought possible. But even though Wesley has been a personal trainer for many years he has recently became a Master Virtual Trainer and he helps people around the world make a lifestyle change in addition to losing weight longterm… he may tell you that hiring a personal trainer can be a complete waste of time.

7DayFitness is an online fitness program that gives the busy man or woman the opportunity to get in shape in the comfort of their home without going to the gym. 7DayFitness not only provides a certified trainer but also gives you access to a certified Nutritionist that analyzes your meals on a daily basis. Wesley says, In the next 5 years 80 percent of the world’s population will get in shape in their living rooms without the dread of going to gym, certified trainers and nutritionist will be available at a click of a mouse.”

MO: Where does your interest in fitness and health come from? When did you know that you wanted to take your passion and turn it into a career?

Wesley: Well when I was a boy in high school I was small– skinty is what my fellow peers called me lol. This was a very painful experience for me because I hated being the skinny kid in school. Toward the end of my senior year in high school, the journey began to achieving the best body of my life!!! Several years later I went from geek to chic, I got compliments, I got the ladies and more importantly I was happy. Mo, honestly I believe everyone in life is chasing that one feeling which is happiness. I believe God gave me a gift to help and serve people around the world to finally create the best temple of their lives.

MO: Despite being one yourself, why do you think that often hiring a personal trainer can be a waste of time?

Wesley: Well Mo, most personal trainers are experts as it relates to the physical, but they are missing a very important concept- The Mind!! Many people lose weight but unfortunately they gain it right back.. Why, you ask? Because they did not have enough reasons, not a big enough Why.. The pain of being teased, excluded, low self-esteem became my reasons to never turn back to the old skinny Wesley. Most Personal Trainers train to make a living, which is cool- but this honestly is my Passion!! I have not made much money training online, :) but I have made a commitment and the stories and the lives I have changed is payment enough.

MO: How did you come up with the concept for 7DayFitness and can you talk about the development process behind the program?

Wesley: Actually this is a funny story.. I was in Afghanistan working as an IT Tech supporting the troops. I was training a few people overseas and I wondered if it was possible to train more people and share my gift with millions of people without ever seeing them physically. So in 2007 7DayFitness was born- it has been a journey, still is but the journey has been freaking amazing! I have introduced something to the health and fitness industry that has never been attempted. I train the minds of people to make permanent lifestyle changes so they will never spiral back to old habits. First site was created by myself, sort of cartoonist, with some help from my friend from Macedonia. Today we have a full functional site with over 1000 superstars GETTING FIT WITH PASSION.

MO: What would you say to someone who has doubts about accessing their fitness routine online after years of frequenting the gym?

Wesley: Great questions.. I tell people would you keep attempting to drive a car that doesn’t have any gas in it… It may be new, nice interior, great engine and even equipped with the best tunes.. but without the gas it is worthless!! lol Morale is this.. all that matters is the results-DRIVING THE DARN CAR!… So if you are currently going to the gym but you are still overweight or still not achieving your goal.. it is time to try a different strategy and a different vehicle.

MO: What’s one tip that you’ll pass onto our readers for free when it comes to getting in shape?

Wesley: It all boils down to your Why!! Seriously Mo…

Why do you go to work in the morning, every day? So you can pay the rent, car note, food and entertainment –YOUR WHY

Why do we drink alcohol? Because we want to relax, wind down or be a different person lol. YOUR WHY

Any and everything that we do in life is tied to some reason or some form of motivation whether it be empowering or disempowering..

My tip for the readers is to write down your 10 Why’s– Let me share a few of my current Superstars Why’s Below

*Get off High Blood Pressure medication. (The thought of having to take pills for the rest of my life is quite depressing.) Lose 10 lbs., Continue to be a good role model for my children and family as they also started exercising with me at home, a boost in my energy level, continue to have an active lifestyle, to keep from getting Diabetes (recently my Mom’s family has been diagnosed with this), want to live a long and healthy life, learn to eat healthier, If my body is the Lord’s temple then it definitely needs to look good and should represent Him, and last but not least, taking charge and control of my life and body. Only I can take control of it and make good and healthy choices!! – Superstar Lost 20 Pounds

*I want to feel better about myself, improve my self esteem. I want to have more energy. I want to be able to fit in a size 10!! I want to be able to buy whatever type of clothes I want and look good in them. I would like for my thighs not to rub together when I walk or run. I would like to wear a bathing suit without shorts over it. I would like to be able to wear sleeveless dresses/tops and have fit arms to show off. I want to become more fit so the soreness is minimal! I want my knees and ankles to feel better because they are supporting less weight. i would like to do another half marathon. Superstar Lost 50 Pounds

*To continue what I have started. Gone from sitting on the couch all day to feeling bad when I don’t get a work out in. From starting to run and just trying to be able to run a mile nonstop now to being concerned about my times. Grown from walking 5ks to running them to doing sprint triathlons, MS 150, and tough mudder with greater aspirations and challenges. Doing the boot camp because looking for something different besides the normal and now unmotivated gym routine. Something to bring back my motivation that has gone the last few months. Needed a new challenge to get me back on track to my goals.

-Superstar Lost 100 Pounds

*I am a young, smart, attractive young woman who hopes to one day be a married doctor. To get married, you typically have to date someone (duh! lol) but I believe the reason I have not been asked on many dates or had anyone interested in becoming more than just friends is because of my weight. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to do this solely to look good for someone else, I also want to look good in my clothes. It’s miserable buying huge clothes that typically aren’t as cute as those made for smaller people or that aren’t uncomfortable because they’re too small and i want to be cute. I want to be able to fit nicely in my cute clothes and look good when I’m out and about. That’s my initial why, but I also want to live more healthily. While I can admit health isn’t my primary motivation quite yet, I don’t like the taste of veggies and I KNOW what and how I eat are unhealthy, I do want to live a long time preferably w/o suffering from the many diseases that run in my family.

-Superstar Lost 15 Pounds

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Wesley: I am starting to become very popular in the Houston Tx area these days :) Recently I have been contacted by several Weight loss centers to be a guest speaker and start speaking to their clients. We are also working on a deal with 97.9 Box(largest radio station in Houston) to be the fitness guru for over 10,000 people at a one day Hip Hop Health event. Currently I have been blessed to have the largest boot camp in Houston Tx with daily evening classes averaging a count of 50 to 70 amazing Superstars. I am also a motivational speaker and I am planning to start traveling sharing my gift and serving the greater good around the nation, we are looking at Florida in 2014. We are looking forward to the next 10 years to be servants of all the people in the world who would like to become their BEST!!


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