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“The best thing about being an entrepreneur is the freedom.”

Aaron Pitman is founder and president of API Domain Investments, a domain name development firm. Aaron is an angel investor and an entrepreneurial thought leader. Aaron speaks professionally on direct sales, MLM, positioning your company for the Internet, leading with a positive mindset, making money online, and how to turn a $10 domain into a 7-figure empire. A 24 year-old self-made millionaire, Aaron is a positivity nut on a mission to inspire others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. He welcomes anyone to reach out to him through Twitter @aaronpitman or you can visit him directly at aaronpitman.com.

MO: What is the best thing about being an entrepreneur?

Aaron: The best thing about being an entrepreneur is the freedom. I started my own business with the goal of having complete control of my time and financial freedom. I was raised in an average family and grew up with the typical advice of go to school, get good grades, and get a master’s degree that will lead into the corporate world. I saw how my father subscribed to that plan, and yet he struggled to climb the corporate ladder. I watched my parents work more for the company than the actual owner. I dreamed of a successful life, but based on my path at the time that dream seemed far from a reality. Having to adjust my dreams and ambitions to meet my current situation caused me to be very unhappy. I soon became and frustrated with pursuing a career I was not passionate about.

One day, I ran into a group of people who mentored me on how to become an entrepreneur. These individuals quickly became my some of my closest friends. Through them I found not only amazing opportunities but also a way out. Something inside of me said, “This is it!” I jumped on board right then, and I’ve never looked back. Entrepreneurship and launching companies became my life. It was in my blood.

After years of hard work, I am thrilled to tell you I have the lifestyle that I always dreamed of.  In a time where the next big trends and wealth cycles are coming full circle, opportunities are everywhere to be found. There is no way I can lose. I am a huge believer that this is the easiest time on the planet to make millions of dollars. I was very fortunate to have run into the right group of people and mentors that had the patience to coach, train, and share with me their life experiences and knowledge.

I believe being an entrepreneur is the new world standard. I was able to transform from a timid and dorky kid into a confident and business savvy self-made millionaire by age 23. I am constantly learning and helping others to grow their businesses, applauding their achievements, and lifting others up to success. It is a journey I strongly suggest for anyone.

MO: Tell us about your “Entrepreneurial Motto for Success.”

Aaron: My entrepreneurial motto for success is this…

For years I made the choice to produce results and take responsibility for my income. Instead of going out with friends, watching TV, or dedicating time to other mindless pursuits, I focused on earning an income. When the money is there, balance is possible. Money allows you to choose what you want to do and hire people to do what you don’t want to. Until you achieve that level of success, you can only find balance by creating it.

I love that motto because I often feel society is lazy by nature. We want things for free, and many people don’t want to work to obtain them. I studied hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, and I came to the conclusion they all busted their butts in order to achieve their goals. I think a lot of times people (especially young entrepreneurs) do not understand what it takes to succeed. You have to work hard and make serious sacrifices in the beginning. The traditional job typically requires 40 to 50 hours a week for 40 to 50 years before retirement. I look at entrepreneurship as the ability to condense 40 years of work into five years. At the end of “sacrificing” your time, you will have the ability to leverage time so you can enjoy life, raise your kids, and see the world. I ate dirt for five years before I was able to step back and really enjoy the fruits of my labor.

MO: What is your favorite thing to speak to other entrepreneurs about?

Aaron: My favorite thing to speak to entrepreneurs about is how to shape your mindset to ensure success. When you build a home, the foundation is so important. If it’s built improperly, the whole house is going to come crashing down. The same goes for entrepreneurs and their mindset. If your entrepreneurial foundation is off you won’t be successful.

I specifically love to speak about how to shift your mindset for the positive and what habits you can instill in your daily life to grow and maintain your business.

MO: Where does your inspiration come from everyday to continue to work so hard?

Aaron: My parents emigrated from Russia in 1979. They had this dream for my sisters and I to live the American dream. They sold everything they had back in Russia and came here with $200 and a dream. Both my parents had master’s degrees but struggled to find jobs due to poor english skills. My dad cleaned typewriters while learning the English language, and my mom took care of the kids. They gave up everything they had so we could have a better life in America. Throughout my childhood, my parents wanted me to go down the traditional path. They said, “Let’s get you a good education. Then you go to college. Then you’ll land some job where you’ll stay there for 40 years and raise your family to have a good life.” To me that plan wasn’t viable in todays economy. Times are different. Seeing my parents work so hard inspired me to believe that I could become an entrepreneur.

MO: What do you hope to pass on to the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders?

Aaron: I think America is at a breaking point. Our economy is struggling, our parents are retiring, and they are spending less money. To get us over this next hump of challenges, it is going to take innovation, creativity, and perseverance from this next generation. Opportunity is plentiful. Problems are everywhere waiting to be solved. If we can inspire and mentor the next generation to get up and create, rather than work for someone, we will have a better future. In our classrooms we have many antsy kids who are bursting with ideas. I want to challenge and inspire them to make those ideas a reality. They will create the next major innovations that will leave a lasting impression.

MO: What are you most proud of throughout your career?

Aaron: I am most proud of the impact that I have had in other people’s lives. I try everyday to be positive, inspiring, and optimistic. I speak in front of groups of people telling my story. I spend time individually mentoring hundreds of people. I have taken time to write articles and get them out to the world. Being so active publicly allows me to meet a lot of new people that tell me I’ve changed their lives. I give them hope. I inspire them to start a business, remove toxic people from their lives, and become more charitable. The people who learn something from my life experiences are inspiring to me as well. This is all extra motivation for me to keep doing what I do. I hope to provide them with what they need to improve our world. I am proud to be able to help. I’m thankful to those who have allowed me to share my voice.

You can follow my work via my website www.aaronpitman.com

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