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“It’s not where you have been but where you are going. Never be afraid to dream of what you can accomplish.”

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Alan Ginsberg joined The Entrepreneur’s Source because of his desire to help people achieve their career dreams. He has been extensively trained in coaching, franchising and self employment options. With over 30 years experience in key management positions, Alan has the skills to assist others in their lifelong dreams. Alan holds a degree in Business Management from Pennsylvania State University.

The Entrepreneur’s Source is a global leader in business and franchise coaching, which helps people achieve their dreams of business ownership. Through a unique discovery process of coaching they introduce business models based on their goals, needs and expectations. They coach, educate and help our clients overcome their obstacles.

Alan Ginsberg, The Entrepreneur's Source - Business/Self Employment Coach, Principal & Owner

MO: What attracted you to the become part of a franchise that focuses on coaching entrepreneurs? How did your background and experience influence your decision?

Alan: I had been looking for something entrepreneurial for some time. My background included all facets of the retail business but while achieving success by the numbers I realized that it was the coaching, training and mentoring that I did with the people I managed that gave me the most satisfaction. So when I was downsized it became the perfect time to reflect on how I continue to help people, especially in the current economy. The landscape for traditional corporate employment has been forever changed and the need to grow our economy through small business has become very apparent. Statistically more new jobs are created trough small business than traditional corporations. So I like to say that “I am rebuilding the economy one business at a time”

MO: Where does your passion for entrepreneurism come from?

Alan: It goes back to my childhood. I washed cars, shoveled snow, owned two newsstands in Philadelphia (there are not many of those left!). I was always happy when I had the ability to affect my income and be able to make my own decisions. It’s really difficult to have that freedom in the corporate world. My Dad was also influential as he and his father were in various businesses. It’s great to have passion but it is persistence or hard work that is the driving force behind success. What drives me now is having a purpose for what I do and the constant change around me.

MO: What are the most common issues you see entrepreneurs having and how do you help them overcome their challenges?

Alan: The biggest challenge for business owners for many is getting caught up in the everyday business and not paying attention to what really matters. Whether you own a store or are a consultant you must always be looking for what is next on the horizon. Many companies use the same marketing plan and wonder why their results are poor but never think about changing it. You should have key measurements for your business and you should always be monitoring them. How do you know where you be tomorrow if you don’t know where you are today? You have to really focus on being the manager of your business, not a technician. That means seeing the big picture and when you need help, ask for it. That is something hard to do for many business owners but the most successful people in business ask for it. Ask any well known entrepreneur and they will tell you that.

MO: Have you had any mentors or people that have inspired you throughout your career?

Alan: My dad because he was always so persistent at whatever he did. He would never give up and always thought positively that everything could work out. I would also say there have been several people that convinced me that I should be doing something else in life. They have ranged from several people in my old corporate days as well as a coach that helped me explore the current business I am in. Today I am influenced by several people including a coach (Yes a coach has a coach) as well as several influential writers and speakers.

MO: Can tell us a bit about the innovative discovery and education process that you can provide your clients?

Alan: If I asked a hundred people in San Francisco or any other city seventy five of them would state that they would desire self employment. How many of them will truly get there? Only five to seven percent achieve self employment. The biggest reason for this is simply never taking the time to educate themselves on opportunities. Many of us have blind spots about what we can accomplish. If you are an accountant then you many times think that is all you can do. What you don’t realize is how you can apply those skills to other opportunities including business ownership. So many types of businesses are never considered by individuals because they can’t see how they align with their skills, background and goals. Discovery takes time and many people are not willing to spend the time, energy and be willing to be educated on what is out there. It is magical when a client discovers something that I presented that they never would have considered on their own. Make your decisions on a business opportunity with facts, not emotion. In the end discovery allows an individual to think more clearly about what they want to do in life and how that business will create the lifestyle that they are seeking and it’s not just about income.

MO: Can you provide some advice for our readers who are considering in pursuing a franchise opportunity?

Alan: As I mentioned previously spend the time in finding the right opportunity. It takes a lot of hard work and thought. There are many obstacles that come up, financial, family objections and self doubt. Educating yourself is most important and writing down your goals is essential. The question many times is not whether you can do something but rather whether you are willing to do it. Getting a coach or mentor can be very helpful and learning how your goals can empower you to what you are seeking. We allow individuals to discover without any pressures in a very informative environment. Many people will say to me “I will be in business someday”. When is someday? Pick a date and then you will have the someday, unless you do that it will be always be someday.

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