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“I’ve never considered doing anything different, because I love being an entrepreneur.”

Entrepreneur Alexander Torrenegra

VoiceBunny was founded by husband and wife Alexander Torrenegra and Tania Zapata. Tania was an aspiring voice artist. She had been taken advantage of by a few talent agents. Alex then hacked together Voice123.com, the first online voice casting service. Without venture capital, they grew it to over 100,000 talents and over 3 million auditions. Buyers and talents didn’t have to deal with agents and casting directors any longer.

Voicebunny makes it easy to get crowdsourced voiceovers in minutes from a pool of 100,000 professionals – It’s “crowdvoicing”! Over 50+ languages are supported.


MO: You’ve started or co-founded 13 companies, which is rather impressive. Where does your clear passion for entrepreneurship come from?

Alexander: Addiction. I started when I was 14. My first venture was small, but successful. I’ve never considered doing anything different, because I love being an entrepreneur.

MO: How did you use the expertise and experience you gained from developing Voice123.com and apply it to launching Voicebunny?

Alexander: Voice123 takes advantage of the Internet to speed up a process that used to happen offline: casting voice over talent. For years we listened to our customers and analyzed their behavior. Having said that, expertise and experience is not always good, as it makes it difficult to think out of the box. That is why we also ran an experiment: First, we tried to forget about all of our assumptions. We then asked ourselves: “What would be the best way to get great voices for any type of project?”. VoiceBunny is the answer to that question.

MO: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken and how did it turn out?

Alexander: Moving to the US and leaving everything behind in my country of origin, including existing clients, friends, girlfriend, family. I’m very happy today. I think it was worth taking the risk

MO: How have you managed to gain such an impressive amount of traction for a company that only launched in February of this year?

Alexander: With an amazing team! They were able to code, launch, and promote a service in record time.

MO: How does Voicebunny work? What are some of your favorite features of the site?

Alexander: As a techie myself, my favorite feature is the HARE 9000 algorithm: http://voicebunny.com/pages/technology

Building upon the breakthrough work of Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Google with PigeonRank™, Mr. VoiceBunny concluded that cloned bunnies inside of rabbit holes could be used to determine whether a voice was a good match for a project or not, faster than human editors or machine-based algorithms.

In all seriousness though, VoiceBunny is definitely breaking all the “rules” by skipping the audition step when getting a professional voiceover which means lightning speed. On average, VoiceBunny projects are accepted in about 20 seconds after being posted and (depending on the length of the script) the finished audio is uploaded in under 30 minutes. Buyers post a project, the VoiceBunny algorithm notifies matching talents, a talent accepts the project and uploads the edited, ready-to-use audio for the buyer’s approval. The real secret to VoiceBunny’s success is that we have an excellent team of voiceover experts (Mr. VoiceBunny’s Entourage) that listen to the reads first, to ensure it is just what the buyer asked for, before submitting it for final buyer approval.

In the next versions of VoiceBunny, we will offer the ability to request revisions, run a contest allowing buyers to choose from several reads, and the ability to search our database for the perfect voice talent and hire them directly.

MO: What’s the best feedback you’ve ever received?

Alexander: It’s difficult for me to pick the BEST one, as I’ve been lucky to have many great mentors, advisors, friends, and clients. My FAVORITE feedback, though, is when a voice over talent I just met at a meetup, tells me their life has drastically, positively changed thanks to our service :)

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