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“Give marketing pros the power to execute segmented campaigns, that are automatically optimized, in a matter of minutes with no need for web or IT resources.”

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Amit Greener is the CEO of Promodity.

Promodity‘s campaign optimization platform tracks the performance of all your marketing initiatives including: Search Engine Marketing like PPC and Content Network, Display Advertising including CPM and CPC, social channels like Twitter and Facebook, Affiliate, Direct and Email Marketing. The platform can track any resolution of marketing activity, from entire display campaigns to a single tweet.

MO: Can you talk about how Promodity can empower marketing professionals?

Amit: It’s all about execution. Promodity enables marketing professionals to reach their market with a targeted message in a lightning-fast way. Imagine that you want to launch a campaign right now that will deliver different messages to visitors based on segments – such as source-channel, country, time of days, etc’ – with no involvement of IT, Creative or Web? If you have a single landing page, that’s next to impossible.

Promodity, enables you to do exactly that, and more!

With Promodity marketing pros can display any message or content (what we call “web assets”) on a single landing page or website, with a near-endless amount of segmentation that is based directly on their inbound marketing channels. Not only that, for eCommerce sites, Promodity can take the visitor to a shopping cart that is optimized according to the campaign. Marketers can keep a coherent marketing message, and pricing, across the entire campaign.

On top of that, Promodity has a built-in multivariate testing features that allow all your campaigns to be automatically optimized through a feedback loop, according to your preferences.

Simply put, Promodity gives marketing pros the power to execute segmented campaigns, that are automatically optimized, in a matter of minutes with no need for web or IT resources.

MO: What are some of the key features of the Promodity Campaign Platform?

Amit: The Promodity Campaign Platform features a great range of features that make it such a powerful tool – and we’re still developing more and more functionality every day.

Promodity can:

* Accept any inbound marketing traffic

* Monitor all inbound campaigns in a single spot

* Analyze traffic across campaigns, from impression to conversion

* Segment traffic across a variety of factors

* Launch new funnel campaigns in minutes

* Simultaneously run multiple campaigns with different content on the same funnel

* Use your own landing page with no additional IT overhead

* Automatically optimize funnels to increase conversions and ROI

MO: Congratulations on securing $1.5 Million in angel funding to further your ongoing product development and marketing. Can you talk about some of the short and long term plans for the investment you’ve received?

Amit: Sure. On the short term, we’re going to finish some major developments that are integral to our product. We are then planning to spread the word a little with those who will immediately benefit from using Promodity, such as Medium Business B2C Advertisers and Publishers.

On the medium term we’re working on some “killer” features that I think will take Campaign Optimization to the next level. In a word, the Promodity Platform will be a one-stop-shop for inbound and outbound campaigns that are optimized for conversion using our proprietary AI.

MO: Can you give us some background on the development of Promodity? What was the inspiration behind the platform and what kind of influences contributed to the design?

Amit: All the founders at Promodity have over a decade of online marketing experience under their belts. We all know the pains involved with simple marketing tasks that used to be simple: In today’s data prolific age and innumerable segments and traffic sources, any task becomes a project involving many functions in the advertiser’s company and quite simply, things take too long.

Marketers are spending more and more time navigating internally, prioritising resources, chasing pipeline slots, begging IT, web, analysts… and less and less time doing actual marketing!

We established Promodity to bring the power back to the hands of the marketers and enable them to take both ownership and control over their marketing activities.

With Promodity, marketers can launch smart campaigns all by themselves in minutes. That’s it.

The design of the application is driven by our aim to make it a simple process to launch a campaign, even though there is complex functionality behind it. It should be noted that we are working on a future redesign of the platform – to make it even simpler and easier to use across devices and systems.

MO: How do your backers add value to Promodity outside of financing?

Amit: Promodity’s Angel Investors are all veteran hi-tech and online professionals. Their guidance and input is invaluable. Not only do they understand and believe in the solution we’re bringing, they are also very helpful in introducing it to their individual portfolios, seeing what benefits it brings. Furthermore, they assist us in keeping a clear focus and drive, which we all know is critical for start-up companies that have more ideas than can be developed in any given time.

MO: Do you think that Promodity has the ability to change the marketing landscape as we know it?

Amit: You bet. We wouldn’t be here if we thought otherwise!

Promodity brings a really powerful tool for those on the front line of marketing online today. It will become the platform of choice to launch, monitor and optimize marketing campaigns. We only hope that marketers will share this and not keep it as their “secret weapon” for maximizing their marketing budgets! :)


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