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“When everything is the same it can get boring. Contrast is an instant way to make things more exciting!”

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Bobby Kyser has been a leader in the event and wedding industry for over five years. He’s managed to assemble a team of the best designers in the business to help him create his masterpieces. Combined, they have over 65 years of experience creating stunning, Avant-Garde arrangements and décors.

Bobby has been featured on the Style Channel and his work can be found in Ritz-Carlton and countless other hotels and institutions in South Florida.

MO: Before getting into the floral décor business you were an Allstate Insurance Agent. How did you make the leap from insurance to flowers?

Bobby: You know, I used to do events as a hobby for the Kentucky Derby Festival. I grew up in Kentucky and of course, the derby was a huge deal! Year after year the event kept growing and growing and one year it ended up with 1,200 guests. I loved it!

I continued working with flowers and designing beautiful things for nonprofits. I would do little things here and there for my church and their Christmas events and things like that. It was a creative outlet for me that I just couldn’t pass up. I decided to do it for a living!

MO: What are some tips for creating beautiful and elegant floral arrangements on a tight budget?

Bobby: Use a lot of glass! Glass is inexpensive and it can be used in many ways. A vase full of water topped with a floating candle is beautiful. Put a single stem rose in there as well and it’s FABULOUS!

Another way to save some money is with rose petals. Covering a table with rose petals and candles can be beautiful and elegant. Now, I’m talking an eclectic mix of candles . . . tall, short, skinny, fat . . . candles and roses make for a breathtaking sight!

MO: What’s the difference between floral architecture and traditional flower arranging?

Bobby: Traditional floral arrangements are based in classic, set design structures. You’ll find traditional arrangements almost anywhere you look. It’s “by the book” if that makes sense.

Floral architecture is taking the book and throwing it off a bridge! With Floral architecture we’re breaking the rules. It’s about creating Avant Garde statements with flowers and other natural elements.

MO: What are two trends in your industry that you’re currently excited about?

Bobby: The number one trend is lighting. Weddings are using lighting more and more in two ways: Perimeter lighting, which is used on walls and structures (also called Room Washes), and accent lighting, which can be used more precisely to highlight and “accent” tables and centerpieces.

Another trend is using eclectic, contrasting elements. For example, brides are choosing tall and low arrangements and using them both on alternating tables. You’ll see rectangular tables mixed with round tables. When everything is the same it can get boring. Contrast is an instant way to make things more exciting!

MO: Some of your floral arrangements are very unusual and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. What does your creative process look like and are there any specific places or people that you look to for inspiration?

Bobby: Thank you! Honestly, I look to nature for inspiration and guidance. Don’t tell anyone but I’ll be driving around the neighborhood and I’ll see some palm leaves or something and I’ll jump out, grab them and use them in a piece! I love palm leaves and drift wood and elements that we see every day but don’t necessarily pay attention to.

Nature is beautiful and it inspires me more than anything!

MO: I know that you check your Business Facebook page every day to see what your fans are commenting on and liking. Does the feedback you receive influence the way that you work?

Bobby: We love Facebook. We are always trying to do new things for our brides and clients. However, it helps when someone comes in for a consultation and they say, “I saw this on Facebook and I can’t live without it!”.

Being able to share our work with people instantly gives us an idea of what is working. The influence really comes in showing people what we’ve done and using that as inspiration to come up with something new. We always want to push the envelope and Facebook allows us to do that quicker than we used to!



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