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“Never before has a consumer been able to play simulated golf – at home – for such a reasonable price so we’ve created our own niche in the industry.”

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Based in Traverse City, MI, Dancin’ Dogg Golf was founded in 2005 and specializes in developing innovative technologies. Recently named to the prestigious Inc. 500 list as one of America’s fastest-growing entrepreneurial companies, it has also been honored with the ScoreGolf Research & Development Award, named to the “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” list and received a “Flyover 50 Award” as one of the Midwest’s fastest-growing companies.

The Dancin’ Dogg product range is highlighted by the OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator, which is offered at nearly 2,000 retail locations throughout North America and a growing number of shops internationally. The company’s ever-expanding library of world class courses includes sites of major championship, international competitions and Tour events. Durable and built to last, OptiShot comes with a 180-day warranty and has been heralded by leading authorities worldwide, including CNBC, GOLF Magazine, Golfweek, Sports Illustrated, TheStreet.com, USA Today, Wired, Golf Channel, Asian Golf Monthly and many others.

MO: Can you talk a bit about the inspiration for and the development process of the OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator?

Brandon: Dancin’ Dogg Golf was founded by two Seattle-based software developers with a passion for golf and disdain for how the city’s weather impacted their ability to play. Working from a garage, they set out to create an affordable, accurate, in-home golf system. Fast forward through two generations of development and OptiShot addresses some of the most important issues facing golfers today; TIME and COST

MO: What are some of your favorite features of Optishot?

Brandon: The ability to play (and/or practice) anytime – no matter the weather or time of day. OptiShot is a lot of fun; however, I truly find the most value in our game improvement capability. Anytime you can swing real clubs, hit real balls and get accurate feedback you will improve your ball striking and your scoring. Trust me, I eat our own cooking! (use it nearly everyday!)

MO: How has hiring a “smart team” and not being a micro-manager allowed your employees to succeed and thrive?

Brandon: You have to give your people room to run. A fast moving, “forge your own path” type of environment is not for everyone but I would walk through a wall for any of our team members. And I am quite confident they would do the same.

MO: Can you talk about your strategy for global expansion?

Brandon: This has been a major initiative for us in 2012. We are methodically finding the right partners. As an example, we recently launched our UK/Europe presence at July’s British Open. (we’ve assembled a great team that is already developing relationships with the biggest and best retailers throughout Europe)

MO: As a self-confessed current events junkie, where do you go for your daily fix?

Brandon: I receive several newspapers / periodicals on my iPad. In addition, news.google.com gives me a quick peek at the day’s events.

MO: How is your philosophy of using emerging technology to create an unrivalled, fully immersive, virtual golfing experience shaping the future of Dancin’ Dogg?

Brandon: Traditionally, the ability to play simulated golf at home has only been available to the affluent. Never before has a consumer been able to play simulated golf – at home – for such a reasonable price so we’ve created our own niche in the industry. Dancin’ Dogg is leading the home golf revolution and growing the game of golf through technology.

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