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“CEOs have blind spots, can be narcissistic, and they ride the roller coaster of mania and stress.”

CEOs have blind spots, can be narcissistic, and they ride the roller coaster of mania and stress.

Cameron Herold has taken 20 years experience operating some of the biggest business success stories in North America and turned it into a flourishing career as both a motivational speaker and management consultant. Cameron is a business coach and mentor to several small businesses, and a CEO coach to large corporations throughout Canada and the United States.

Cameron started BackPocket COO to coach and mentor young, fun companies — and help them make their dreams happen. He’s the acclaimed author of the business book Double Double.

Cameron Herold, BackPocket COO - Business Coach/Mentor, Author

MO: Why have you made it your mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams?

Cameron: it’s simply always been my passion. Every encounter I have with entrepreneurs they share their ideas for their companies with me, and I seemingly end up being able to help them figure out how to make them come true. So coaching and speaking to entrepreneurs just became a natural fit. It’s fun for me, and huge impact for them. Years ago I was involved in a program and learned that my Unique Ability was “to use quick, intuitive ideas to help entrepreneurs reverse engineer their dreams.” And building my coaching and mentoring program around that concept has proven to be a perfect fit. I also get a rush from speaking to groups of entrepreneurial audiences, and from digging into a company with the CEO to help them figure out how to grow their revenue, profit and build a better workplace. It’s just fun.

MO: What inspired you to write your book, “Double Double” and how is it changing the way companies are growing?

Cameron: I kept getting asked for more ideas and systems to help companies grow. When I’d teach CEOs at MIT’s Entrepreneurial Masters Program the attendees would push me for more information to give to their employees, so writing the book became a natural fit. I truly didn’t want to write the book, but I kept getting so many requests from companies who wanted their employees to learn my ideas, that it had to get written. Its been awesome seeing it appear on airport bookstore shelves now too.

MO: Where does your entrepreneurial spirit come from? Who or what were your early inspirations and influences?

Cameron: I was groomed to be an entrepreneur. My father owned his own company, both my brother and sister own their companies, and both of my grandfathers were entrepreneurs too. I never really saw another path that grabbed me like entrepreneurship did. In college I got my real business training with College Pro Painters where I ran a franchise for three summers. Being around so many young entrepreneurs while in school continued to fuel my entrepreneurial passion. Lastly, it was the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) where I met a huge global network of entrepreneurs, and realized owning my own company, and helping CEOs who owned theirs was my calling.

MO: What are some secrets of creating a kick-ass workplace culture that will transform the company into a talent magnet for motivated, highly sought after A-Players?

Cameron: Wow, that’s the core of a 90 minute speaking event I do, but I’ll give it a quick synopsis. First, employees have to see the same “movie” that’s playing in the mind of the CEO. If they can see what the CEO is seeing in terms of what the company looks like, feels like, and acts like three years out, then the employees can figure out how to help make it happen. Secondly is it’s critical that companies not only attract and retain A players, but that they search out and push out the C players just as systematically. Third, it’s about giving the team an awesome workspace (think a toned down version of what we’ve read that Google does). Lastly, it’s communication. Open, honest communication, and a culture where people aren’t afraid of conflict, will raise the company to a status where they become a magnet for great talent.

MO: How can a business coaching and mentoring program help a business more of the right stuff done faster?

Cameron: CEOs have blind spots, can be narcissistic, and they ride the roller coaster of mania and stress. My work is a blend of mentoring and coaching, where I help show them the best systems that they can easily put in place to help grow their companies. I also work with them as a confidential advisor who they can share their fears with safely. Many CEOs work with a board of advisors, and leadership teams, but they still feel very alone. A strong coach & mentor who has grown companies, and can help with practical advice based on experience, will beat the theory they are bombarded with daily.

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