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“I love happy people and who could be more happy than a Bride and Groom getting ready to walk down the aisle?”

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Carmen Dorsey, owner of Bridal Bliss Consulting, has a love of people and passion for planning. She enjoys meeting each new couple and is excited for every wedding she has the opportunity to plan. Her enthusiasm and compassion gives her clients comfort and confidence that she will do the best job possible. She strives for the best in everything she does!

Bridal Bliss Consulting gives clients the attention they need while planning their wedding. They ensure they are on track within the planning process and all the details are handled.

MO: What initially attracted you to the wedding planning industry?

Carmen: I have always been a very detail oriented individual. It is my nature to always make sure that everything is in order so it was natural to go into event planning. I love happy people and who could be more happy a Bride and Groom getting ready to walk down the aisle? I enjoy every minute of the planning process and then I get to be there on the wedding day to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible! It is the best!

MO: What are some tips for hosting an elegant and memorable wedding on a tight budget?

Carmen: Great question! You can find the right professional to work within any budget! It just may take a little more work to find the ones that are less expensive but are still great at what they do.

Always look for wedding professionals that match your personality. If you are looking for someone easy going but end up with someone that is controlling then you may not be happy with your choice.

Ask lots of questions to your professionals to be sure the services they are giving you are exactly what you want on your wedding day. A wedding planner helps to make sure these questions are being asked so that you don’t end up with any surprises on the big day.

Know your priorities. One bride may want to spend most of her budget on entertainment and another may want to spend it on catering. Figure out what your priorities are and then allocate your budget accordingly.

MO: What can a bride expect during her initial consultation with you?

Carmen: They can expect to have their worries put at ease. I let them know how the planning process works with a wedding consultant by their side. It is always the best after meeting with a Bride when I see them feeling more excited and less stressed!

During the initial consultation, my goal is to ensure the Bride and Groom know they will be in contact with me as much as they’d like during their planning weeks and months, they will receive checklists and reminders often to ensure they are on task, and then on their wedding day I will be there for them to make sure their plans are being carried out. All of this allows the couple, as well as their family, to relax and enjoy the planning process and the wedding day!

MO: What would you say is the biggest challenge facing the wedding planning industry?

Carmen: Couples may not think having a wedding consultant in their budget is possible but they should because a wedding consultant is able to find great professionals within their budget!

MO: How do you stay inspired? Are there any sites, books or magazines that help spark your creativity?

Carmen: I listen to other wedding professionals in the industry. I am a member of the American Association of Wedding Planners, aka AACWP, where I am continually being educated by other members and speakers at various events we have. I also enjoy networking with a variety of other wedding professionals at local events. It is an awesome industry to be in!

I enjoyed reading issues of DWeddings and Brides of North Texas as well.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally for 2012?

Carmen: Personally, watching my children continue to grow and learn. My husband and children really are awesome!

Professionally, I am excited to continue to see Bridal Bliss Consulting be successful. I enjoy every couple and their family. Every wedding is so different and so fun to plan! I am also excited to continue meeting professionals in the wedding industry. The connections I have made are invaluable. Wedding industry professionals are a fun set of people to work with!


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