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“Everything you see on TV about the industry is a lot of smoke and mirrors. It’s not that glamorous!”

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Cassie Brown bought Tribble Creative Group on Jan 1, 2011 after working for the company for 9 years.

Tribble Creative Group is a trusted partner in the planning, design, and execution of events that demand lasting impact. They bring collective, clever creativity backed by thoughtful, calculated logistics that turn events into unmatched experiences.

The mission of Tribble Creative Group is to transform the ordinary to extraordinary: To provide a stress-free, fun, event planning experience while producing an event that meets the client’s goals, exceeds their expectations, and makes those who didn’t attend wish they had.

MO: How did it feel to go from being an employee of the Tribble Creative Group to becoming the owner? What was the transition process like for you and the staff involved?

Cassie: The first three weeks on our own was a little like the first semester of college. We moved into our new office space and we played a little too much. When we started missing our own internal meetings, we realized it was time to get it together. Luckily it was a slow time of year!

Because my teammates and I had been with the company for so long, in some ways we had it extremely easy. We started with business on the books and a solid foundation of processes.

The biggest challenge has been learning the “business” side of the business – how to start a simple IRA, what paperwork a new employee has to file, or understanding insurance needs. We have struggled a little with redefining roles as well. I am not as accessible as I used to be – I am out of the office more and in way more meetings.

MO: What initially attracted you to the event planning industry?

Cassie: Event planning is my dream job. As a child I knew that I wanted to plan events. I am not sure what originally attracted me to it. Now that I am in it, I know that it is a natural fit for me. I love the controlled chaos. Every day is different from the day before. There is a constant need to learn new things. Planning an event is like putting together a giant puzzle – it is a mental challenge.

MO: What are three key elements of a successful, memorable and stress-free event?

Cassie: Plan from a guest perspective rather than a personal preference. Realize there are no perfect formulas – something always goes wrong in the planning phase. Surprise people – memorable events have new experiences or surprising moments.

MO: I know this is like asking you to pick a favorite child but what past project or event are you most proud of and why?

Cassie: I have favorite things about most events, but there are few “standouts”. In 2007, we planned an opening of a children’s hospital. Logistically it was a challenging. There were 4 large events in 4 days so the space had to be recreated multiple times. The event was in a parking lot requiring every element to be brought in – power, restrooms, AC, etc. The client was fun to work with as well.

MO: You provide event planning for corporate, non-profit, wedding and social events. Does your approach vary depending on the type event you’re planning?

Cassie: Every event is different. Every client is different. There are some general approaches that change with types of events. Weddings and social events are very personal. Non-profit events are usually planned by committee, which takes more time for decisions to be made. Corporations are less personal but worried about protecting the corporate identity.

MO: Can you share an amusing, surprising or little known fact about the events planning industry?

Cassie: Everything you see on TV about the industry is a lot of smoke and mirrors. It’s not that glamorous!


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