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“Watching the universe bring about what you’ve consciously created is the ultimate excitement and adventure.”

Entrepreneur Catherine Lenard

Catherine Lenard is an author, writer, and speaker in the personal growth and universal wisdom genre. She has created and facilitates personal development seminars and been a frequent media guest speaking on related subjects. She is an experienced metaphysician. Her background is as an independent, award-winning creative professional serving Fortune 500 through individual clientele.

Catherine Lenard Unlimited provides speaking, seminar, consulting, writing, and design services.

MO: You provide knowledge that sparks a breakthrough ‘aha’ in an individual’s life. What did your ‘aha’ moment look like?

Catherine: Two stand out among many. In the first, I was walking down a Chicago neighborhood street, arms heavy with plastic grocery bags. Out of nowhere, I felt a rush of energy moving through me accompanied by a feeling I can only describe as a match stick striking into the sun. Everything went halogen white; the only reality that existed was pure Love. What maybe took minutes could have been an eternity. I stood spellbound, moved to the point of streaming tears and laughter at the same time.

The second, twenty-five years later, was gradual and subtle. It was the quiet knowing that we are all an expression of that Love, life force, energy of Infinite Intelligence that unites us all. Truly understanding that your essence is also this energy brings a self-awakening to the creative privilege that is yours.

MO: Can you explain about the seminars you present and what makes them unique?

Catherine: Generally speaking, I work with select universal principles that are the building blocks for consciously creating what you want to have in your life. These principles consistently operate whether you are aware of them or not. Knowing how to apply them in your everyday life can save a lifetime of time and frustration. To create your (personal/business/corporate) life most effectively, you need to be aware of and work with the behind-the-scenes ‘rules of the game’ and learn to tap into the creative powerhouse of the authentic Self.

MO: What keeps you motivated on the days you’re not feeling inspired?

Catherine: Allowing myself to not feel inspired. While living on purpose brings its own vital energy, we all have rhythms that are not bound by nine-to-five or Monday through Friday. On a personal note, I’ve learned to give myself permission to ‘sit in the time out chair’ whether for a single breath, a few hours, or a few days. It’s productive because it provides the pause necessary for regaining clarity, creativity, and perspective. My simplest and most effective ‘right-out-the-door’ rechargers are cycling through lush rural areas and yardwork-hands-in-dirt preferred.

From a broader perspective, I know there is a tremendous need for fundamental, life-changing knowledge people can utilize to empower themselves. Google search stats verify this. Those searching may not yet understand the concept and correlation of universal principles to events in their lives-they just want to have a better life as they define it. Tangibly knowing and feeling this need and being open to how I can better serve gets me up in the morning.

MO: What are the most common issues or obstacles you see your clients facing?

Catherine: What I refer to as Crazy Goo . This stuff is responsible for everything from personal upset to global bullying. You’ve got it, I’ve got it, we all have it to greater and lesser degrees. This is the realm of the ego -, the place of pushed buttons, react versus respond, the voices in your head that say not very nice things (about yourself or others), angers, hurts, fearful thoughts, and scarcity. It can be blatant, it can be subtle. Unmanaged, it can wreak havoc with every aspect of your life. It’s appearance, unchecked, routinely sabotages the best of intentions, whether a personal goal or a corporate mission/vision statement.

MO: You wrote, ‘ Divine Riches – Unveil Your Power, Create Your World ‘which reveals universal laws and principles and culminates with the formula for conscious creation. Can you talk about the inspiration for the book and the creative process behind writing it?

Catherine: Devastating losses. While one would have been more than enough, I’m talking about a period of five years where my life as I knew it disintegrated on every level. Divine Riches is the culmination of a lifelong search for how to experience a life of lasting inner peace and abundance. This search (which took place over decades) encompassed anything from reading on my couch with a bag of potato chips to having ceremonial access to the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

The creative process behind writing the book involved inspiration, calculated risk, and decision. As the dust settled in the aftermath of the losses I mentioned, I was caught up in frenetic activity to reinvent my life. When situations were not coming to fruition despite best efforts in the outer world, I felt clear inner direction to stop.

Centering myself to once again open to the silent wisdom that is, I shut out the world for nearly a year to devote myself to what would become The Divine Riches Project. The process was a dance of research, personal experience, intuitively tapping into the reservoir of universal knowledge, and massive hours of writing and refining. The result is the crystallized knowledge in the book that culminates with the formula for creating the life one deserves.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Catherine: I live by the Divine Riches formula. Watching the universe bring about what you’ve consciously created is the ultimate excitement and adventure. You don’t know how or when, but when you do your part (and your intentions are in alignment with your life’s greater purpose), the results can be miraculously amazing.

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