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“Once you understand lead generation, you can market in any industry.”

D.C. Fawcett is the owner and founder of Paramount Digital Publishing. PDP is an online publishing company that helps clients further their brand by publishing their information and knowledge through various marketing channels.

D.C. began PDP as a real estate investment information business in 2007 and grew the company into the full service information-publishing house it is today. He wasn’t content with remaining at the plateau that many information marketers seem to find themselves at after a few years and he strives to help others overcome it in business. D.C. discovered that when you are not limited by your own expert knowledge, you could grow your business at a much faster pace. He shares his knowledge of marketing and lead generation through webinars and speaking engagements in order to help other companies reach their full potential.

MO: You are the owner and founder of Paramount Digital Publishing, a leader in Internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur, or what changed in your life to make you want to start this company?

D.C.: Yes, I’ve always known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. As a kid, I got my entrepreneurial mindset from my parents. My father took over a dry cleaning business from his dad and grew it to 15 locations. My mother has her own decorating business, and she owns the master franchise to Decorating Den in New England. My business mindset started early. I started out cutting lawns, and then I began a boat detailing company when I was 12 years old. I had that business all throughout high school and worked on it during the summer months while I was in college.

I got in the Internet marketing and publishing business when I was in graduate school. I’d grown bored with school, so I started going to real estate seminars. I started learning how to invest in real estate and became successful at it. People wanted to know what I did and how I became successful, so I created a real estate coaching business. Publishing my own product led me to start PDP.

MO: Was there ever a time when you thought you wouldn’t be successful in entrepreneurship? How did you overcome that?

D.C.: Yes, when I started my business, there were ups and downs. I had to learn from my mistakes and see what was working for my business and what wasn’t. The money wasn’t there in the beginning, and it’s hard to be successful without cash flow. I had to lean on some business lines of credit in the beginning to get through the tough times, and it turned out to be the smartest thing I could have done when starting out with no money.

MO: You have a background in real estate investment. What is one thing you learned in that industry that you’ve been able to transfer over to other parts of business?

D.C.: I have learned many things from my background in real estate investing. I’ve learned how to use business lines of credit, and I’ve learned about mortgages and credit systems. But the most important thing I’ve learned from that industry is marketing. All businesses use marketing, so transferring that knowledge into other segments of business is overwhelmingly helpful.

MO: So what drew you to Internet marketing? What do you love about that industry, and why do you think it’s so valuable in today’s world?

D.C.: When I was in the real estate coaching business, I noticed that 95% of my competitors were not using Internet marketing. They were only focusing on joint ventures and seminars. I didn’t want to rely solely on those methods to gain income. I learned to incorporate lead generations, such as direct mail, pay-per-clicks, renting lists, email marketing, and so on. Once you understand lead generation, you can market in any industry. This also enables you to be in control of your business, which is extremely valuable in today’s world.

MO: You’re also a successful speaker and business coach. What is your favorite piece of advice you like giving to others looking to grow their company?

D.C.: You can’t rely on only joint ventures or product launches to be successful. You also have to incorporate lead generation so you have consistent lead flow and income coming in every day.

MO: What’s next for D.C. Fawcett? What’s the one thing you’re really excited about coming up?

D.C.: My business is growing rapidly. We are taking this exciting growth and moving into a bigger office to encourage this change. In this new space, we’re building an incubator so new business owners and clients can come occupy these incubators while we help build their businesses or products, side by side. I’ll also be taking on a different role and acting more as an advisor to our clients so they can use all the knowledge I have accumulated to grow a successful business. 

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