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“…but we soon found out that another company was using the name we choose. When I found this out, I said Damn. Ultimately, the name DAMN seemed to fit what were building.”

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Co-Founders Danii Oliver & Kevin Braithwaite

As a creative technologist with the responsibility of Chief Digital Officer of DAMN Digital Studio LLC., Danii Oliver consults and contracts with enterprise-level firms, brand Managers and CMO’s as they decide to move towards the digital aspect of marketing, advertising and branding. Danii worked for companies such as Iris Worldwide, Medical Knowledge Group, Vogel Farina, MACY’S.com, WPP, and more, consulting on digital technologies such as the development of flash applications and mobile.

As an electrical engineer, focused on the transfer of information via electronics, Kevin Braithwaite has worked as a trainer and IT specialist. His clients have included everyday individuals in need of IT assistance such as Darden Restaurants, Co. He is constantly connected to his phone, which is never out of date. Kevin constantly surfs app markets for fun and often lectures his team members on being digital. Kevin completed his Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering from the New York Institute of Technology.

DAMN Digital Studio is an emerging interactive digital agency. The company’s services cater to small, medium and large businesses of all industries including, media, retail, entertainment, hospitality, and I.T.

Danii Oliver & Kevin Braithwaite, DAMN Digital Studios - Co-Founders

MO: How did you come up with the name for your agency and were you concerned that it may be too bold for some potential customers?

Kevin: DAMN Digital wasn’t our company’s original name, but we soon found out that another company was using the name we choose. When I found this out, I said Damn. Ultimately, the name DAMN seemed to fit what were building. DAMN Digital is a bold name for a company but, it is a name people hardly forget and are drawn to.

MO: Can you tell our readers a bit about Nick Versus and why you created him?

Kevin: Nick Versus is an interactive book about a 7-year-old boy growing up in New York City. He has the same problems any 7-year-old has, such as being afraid of the dark, learning to ride a bike, dealing with bullies, and difficulties with math.

MO: You both have always wanted to pursue the path of entrepreneurship. What made you want to purse that path together?

Kevin: Danii and I choose to pursue the path of entrepreneurship together because we compliant one another talents.

MO: How did your family and friends take the news that you were giving up secure jobs to start your own company?

Danii: I never felt I had a secure job because there is no such thing in our day and age. Most of my jobs were considered “permanent” contract work. I honestly feel I was born a decade too late for the notion of a “secure job,” so my family understood that entrepreneurship was necessary to earn a living. Most of my friends wouldn’t understand the concept of me NOT being an entrepreneur. I earned cash in college on a ship in the middle of the ocean, was president of the Entrepreneurs Club at Baruch College and have always advocated self-sufficiency. To my friends, entrepreneurship is just a definition for who I am as Danii.

Kevin: My family and friends were supportive of my decision to become an entrepreneur. The reaction I received from most of them was, “It’s about time!”

MO: What advice would you give to a company looking for an interactive digital firm to work with?

Danii & Kevin: When looking for interactive digital firm to work with, it is common to have concerns about ROI. However, look at traditional advertising. Companies’ print thousands of material for trade shows, event and mail campaign, and nearly ⅓ of it gets thrown in the garbage. With a digital firm, clients get a product that would engage their audience and keep them interested in their brand. We also recommend companies contact us at (347) 560-1961 for a consultation.

MO: What are three trends that you’re currently excited by?

Danii: I’m excited about advancements in virtual reality (i.e. the Xbox Kinect and Emotiv’s Epoc), 3D mapping projection and the tech start-up global movement. These advancements in human computer interactive technology and the ease of entry, helps me to realize each day that the ideas I have had since childhood aren’t crazy or impossible.

Kevin: At the moment, I ‘m excited about touchscreens, mobile computing devices and the Xbox Kinect.

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