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“I’m a typical Generation Y; operating on high-performance at all times, I question everything and speak my mind – all for the best of course.”

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Erin Tillotson is a Social Media Specialist who loves to expand online possibilities and create new magnetizing marketing systems. Erin enjoys steering clients through new untapped virtual space and is passionate about helping businesses achieve their online goals. You can follow Erin and gain some valuable insight along the way by reading her blog .

Premiere Virtual Office is a full online presence training and support company. They love helping authors, speakers and heart centered entrepreneurs maximize their online presence with the perfect blend of internet and social media marketing for their business.

Erin Tilloston, Premiere Virtual Office - Social Media Specialist

MO: What influenced you to start your own business just after having your first baby?

Erin: That’s a big question! There are several factors that played into my business creation. The two leading reasons were; I was hungering to really help businesses maximize their online growth and I wanted the flexibility to be with my daughter much more.

I’m a typical Generation Y; operating on high-performance at all times, I question everything and speak my mind – all for the best of course. I encourage my clients to think creativity online! They’re creativity coupled with my tech savvy mind create a winning combination. I thrive when I see my client’s online presence excelling beyond their goals.

I see so many entrepreneurs stressed out about social media right now. I’m here to get rid of the stress and have fun with marketing! The excitement of this relationship marketing is what got my business going and what keeps it going. Having passion in my online presence is what keeps people coming back over and over. That’s what I do for my clients every day, bridge the gap between them and their customers and turn possibility into opportunity.

MO: How have you managed to create a ‘Stress Free Social Media Success System’ and what does it entail?

Erin: When I started my business I tried all the ‘traditional marketing’ avenues, wasting time and money, while yes, creating a big ‘ol pile of stress for me and my tiny kiddo who helped around the office. Then one day, I attended a webcast and the light bulb turned on. Social media was the answer for my business. I am now able to virtually network right from the comfort of my home, while building meaningful connections and attracting long lasting, high-quality clients.

After working with social media for a year I created a system that worked time and time again for me so I put it into action for my clients.

After working with social media for 5 years I have a new program in the works. This will be a group program where authors, speakers and heart-centered entrepreneurs learn my highest level systems and work together to create an online presence that draws in prospects for their business. We’re super excited to get that launched!

MO: How do you keep track of the ever changing social media landscape?

Erin: I’m a developer on many of the social sites so I’m always reading their new updates and soon to be released changes. I do my best to keep my finger on the pulse at all times so my clients have access to the latest and greatest of social technology.

MO: How have you managed to nearly double your client base every year since 2007?

Erin: I really leverage social media! I bring in 95% of my clients through social media; the other 5% is usually referrals which is another version of social media right?  Once I collaborate with a client we both put our mind to marketing. They bring their unique brand and creativity and I bring the online strategies. This winning combination brings them fabulous results. My clients learn and grow with my company, most of them take on some aspects of the marketing as they learn and then we evolve new leveraged ideas to go even farther. It’s this commitment and growth together that leads to the long term relationships I establish with my clients.

The other system I have in place is my ongoing social media presence. I have the major sites like most businesses, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…but the real gem are the networks I have joined where my ideal clients “hang out.” These networks have proved to be extremely valuable for my business. I share ideas, tips and the news on the ever changing social web. This information provides these business owners with the fuel they need to get started and resource to put the plans in motion.

MO: What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs who need a social media marketing strategy? What tips would you offer and what pitfalls should they avoid?

Erin: Before an entrepreneur dives into the big, blue social media ocean they should have a primary goal. A social media goal can be anywhere from increased traffic to their website, to new opt-ins for their business or expose to a new product. I also always encourage entrepreneurs to have specific and measureable numbers. So if your goal is to increase opt-ins, how many new opt-ins do you want to see over the next 6 months?

Once you have a measureable goal in mind the next is to formulate a content and networking plan. So if you’re going to use Facebook and Twitter for example, what specific activities can you do over the next months to really drive the opt-in rates up? Make a calendar of events and milestones to keep you on track.

The biggest and most detrimental pitfall an entrepreneur could make is not having accountability. When you have deadlines, milestones, etc you are telling yourself you have to get this done by this date. Or possibly you could have a coach or mentor that you check in regularly with on your progress. Having accountability to your business is huge! If you’re not committed to seeing that end result you’re more likely to miss milestones that affect the outcome of the entire campaign. Moral of the story, find a way to be accountable to your results. 

MO: What company accomplishment are you most proud of so far?

Erin: Last year we had the amazing opportunity to test out a new social media possibility for clients that hold live events. This was a huge success! We had a unique strategy to build buzz during the event and incorporate the online audience with our live audience. Not only did the event reach tons of prospects for the business owner it grew their list by 100s of people in just 2 days. It was pretty amazing!

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