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“I am most proud of having the ability to see an idea go from a concept on a piece of paper to the final state of fruition.”

Felix Lluberes is founder, CEO and Applications Architect at Position Logic, a leading B2B provider of GPS-tracking solutions, service and support.  Felix has over 17 years of experience in the software development industry as an engineer, consultant, developer and manager.  Felix is proud of Position Logic’s family culture and his efforts to make Position Logic an awesome place to work.  He welcomes anyone to reach out to him on Twitter @FelixLluberesPL.

MO: When did you first become interested in computer science and programming?

Felix: I first became interested in computer science back in 1985. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was one of those guys that got exposed to an old Commodore Computer and got to see Atari games. That is when I found my passion for game building. When I received my scholarship to study in Iowa, I was immediately inclined to study computer science. I have a minor in art as well, and my goal was to be able to design computer games. Fortunately and unfortunately, I would say, there are two parts to this equation. I ended up actually doing a lot of financial reporting in the real world as soon as I graduated from college as opposed to actual game development, but building the reports on certain systems got me to where I am today.

MO: Tell us the story of how Position Logic was founded?

Felix: Position Logic was actually my second attempt in the GPS location based industry. In my first business I had five partners, and I quickly found out if you have too many partners it can become an issue. If everyone does not share the same objectives then this becomes especially true. Position Logic started back in 2007 with my best friend Hong Long. We basically had the idea of taking the software that we were selling in a box and turning it into a software subscription service. Many of the people that were interested in purchasing the software simply could not afford it. We knew that if we offered it to them as a service, hosted it for them, and charged a small monthly fee, we could make a lot more money and satisfy more clients. We also wouldn’t have to give away our technology. Today Position Logic is a leading provider of location-based services for B2B.

MO: What are some ways our readers can take advantage of your GPS-tracking technology for their business?

Felix: GPS tracking can be a beneficial solution within an array of fields. If you have any of the following needs, then you will have a great use for GPS tracking.

  • Track any type of vehicle or asset that you believe your employees might be misusing or are unauthorized to use.
  • If you are looking to increase productivity for your vehicles or fleet GPS, tracking is your answer.
  • If you want to increase safety – many of our customers are in the security sector – we offer VIP protection, asset monitoring, and convoy escort services.
  • Fleet management is another area where GPS-tracking can ensure goods get from point A to point B in a timely and secure manner.

We have features that can perform electronic locking of the equipment or monitor equipment temperatures as well. Basically, with GPS tracking you could have complete visibility of your goods anytime and anywhere in the world.

MO: This new technology can be overwhelming for customers. How does your company ensure that your clients are getting everything out of the technology?

Felix: One way we ensure our customers are receiving the maximum benefit from our technology is by pairing them up with an Account Manager. Their Account Manager is an individual who will work directly with them, not only providing them with training on our platform and services we provide but also constantly monitoring progress. As new features and enhancements are released to the platform, we make sure to contact our clients and provide them with feedback and the necessary training. In order to keep our clients up to date with the technology, we must be able to leverage the web. By creating a company channel in YouTube, we can post ongoing informational and training videos. In addition to that, we have bimonthly webinars. Webinars are great exercises that allow our customers to interact with a trainer and get answers to any questions at that time.

MO: Your specialty is in B2B. Why do you find this most effective for your company instead of going straight to the consumer? 

Felix: Our business is strictly B2B because we are looking to really leverage a network. We are looking to, first of all, build a dealer channel that can grow. As the dealer’s network grows, we grow too. In our specific business, we are looking for every one of our service providers to capture as many GPS tracking units in the market as possible. As they add units to the network, we benefit as well. If I were to go the B2C route, I would be limiting myself in terms of the coverage. I would be competing with my potential service provider. It also takes different types of resources that are a lot more elaborate and sophisticated to handle end user’s requirements. I understand my strengths are the development of technology and the ability to provide support at a far higher level. Due to all of this, B2B is really the right path for us.

MO: What are you most proud of throughout your entrepreneurial career?

Felix: I am most proud of having the ability to see an idea go from a concept on a piece of paper to the final state of fruition. Seeing people come together, understand the idea, build it, and then develop it to a point where we can sell it has been amazing. I am also proud of having the opportunity to deliver a service to clients worldwide. The fact that we operate in 54 countries and deliver the service in a consistent manner is incredibly rewarding. It’s just like we dreamt it could be five years ago when we first started.

MO: What are you most excited for in the next six months in regards to tracking and Position Logic?

Felix: Position Logic has put quite a bit of time and effort in research and development. We have spent a lot of the past year and a half on development, and we are starting to see the results of that time and those resources. We are going to see new products and services roll out at the beginning of the year with our new Report Suite, and we’ll be releasing new technology. Tracking is needed most in the security sector.

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