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Find Guest Blogging Opportunities on Twitter

written by MO.com Subject Matter Resource Jon Tucker

Guest blogging can be a great way to promote your brand in a way that your prospects will appreciate. In short, “guest blogging” is publishing compelling content related to your expertise (not just shameful promotion of your company) to someone else’s blog.

Guest Blogging is a Win-Win-Win Marketing Tactic

Guest blogging is great for everyone involved, if done right.

  1. You’re providing compelling content about popular industry topics, so readers appreciate it. In addition, you’re demonstrating your expertise on the topic which makes you look good in front of prospective customers.
  2. You’re reaching a relevant audience that you may not have been able to reach in another way.
  3. Finally, you’re forging some really powerful industry partnerships. Once popular bloggers see that you provide interesting content in the industry, you can start to acquire guest blogging opportunities from multiple bloggers with a lot of industry clout.

The First Step is to Find Blogs to Publish With

There are a lot of ways to find guest blogging opportunities. However, the best way is to find blogs that already publish guest content and approach them with your idea for a guest post. If the content is in-line with their audience’s interests, they’ll most likely agree to publish your content.

Use Twitter to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Twitter is a great tool to use to find blogs that publish guest content. After all, have you ever seen a Tweet saying something along the lines of “Check out my post at www.blog.com”? All tweets are searchable, so Twitter can be a goldmine for finding guest post opportunities if you know a few Twitter search tricks.

Find Opportunities on Twitter in 3 Steps

Here’s a breakdown of how to find a guest post opportunity on Twitter. For this example, let’s assume that you’re a travel blogger that wants to contribute a guest post to another travel blog- however, these steps can apply to any niche if you change around the keywords.

  1. Visit http://search.twitter.com
  2. Type the following search: “guest post” OR “guest author” AND travel
    Note that you can modify the above search for any keyword, travel-related or not. For example, you could use backpacking instead of travel as the keyword.
  3. The search results will show Tweets of people that have said the words “guest post” or “guest author” along with “travel”, assuming that’s the keyword you used. For example, I found this Tweet just now, which shows me that AirTreks.com publishes guest content.

From here, you can reach out via a tweet or website contact form to the blogs you find and ask them if they’d be interested in your content idea. There are right ways and wrong ways to pitch a blogger (that’s a blog post for another day), but the best option is to be sincere and brief regarding the content idea you have for them.

Jon is Senior Strategist at Compete Marketing Group, an SEO agency he founded in 2005. Through working with a diverse group of clients across the US including a number of Fortune 500 firms, Jon has refined the agency’s SEO tactics in order to deliver consistent results despite the ever-changing world of SEO. In addition to managing the agency link building service, Jon operates a number of other online business run through the Compete Marketing Group’s in-house venture program.

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