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Five Reasons for Anxiety in a Leader, Part 1

written by MO.com Subject Matter Dr. Bob Rausch

As someone who has experienced a panic attack before can attest to, it can be very alarming, especially if you are in a leadership position of running a small business. Small business can bring many stressors, so it’s important to keep your cool and keep your emotions in check before you let yourself get to the level of having anxiety attack.

The first reason for anxiety in a leader: the Need to Prove. Everyday we want to prove to others that we can do this, that we are able minded bodies and no one is better than us. We are constantly striving to prove to our bosses, significant others, friends, families and more importantly ourselves. It’s not a healthy attitude to maintain and it can be exhausting. Take control of the need and focus on revitalizing that energy into becoming a more powerful you.

Steps to overcome the “Need to Prove”:

1. Proving self is normal – We all have a need to prove ourselves no matter what we are doing. However, when you go from “wanting” to prove to “needing” to prove it indicates you are stressed and low on energy.

2. Allow others to help – Delegate tasks to people who can assist. You don’t have to do it all yourself, even though you can do it faster or better.

3. Don’t catch every ball – Just because someone gives you a problem doesn’t mean you need to accept it. Do a quick evaluation to determine if it belongs to you or not.

4. Give yourself credit – When you finish a job or task show appreciation to yourself for a job well done. Don’t be humble that “we” did it when “you” did it.

5. Find the source – You may need some outside help with this. There are two reasons you need to prove; someone in your past set you up to work harder and do it by yourself or you don’t trust others to get the job done.

If you find yourself feeling anxiety or having a panic attack, remember these key things.

1. Check your energy level – Anxiety can be caused from low energy – Your biological adrenal system kicks in when you are low on personal fuel. If you have been dealing with stress non-stop and/or not taking time to refuel your energy you are an anxiety attack waiting to happen.

2. No one dies from anxiety – Although you may feel like it. The feeling will pass.

3. Do NOT fight it – The more you fight anxiety the worse it gets. Think about it, if you fight the feeling you are using more energy and increasing the very thing you want to stop.

4. Find a quiet place, sit still, and let it pass – Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply.

I’ll be outlining Five Reasons for Anxiety in a Leader, be sure to check MO.com for the full scoop.

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