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How to Grow your Creative Capacity & Develop your Entrepreneurial Instincts — Creatively Entrepreneurial Behaviors that will Invite Success – Part 2 of 4

written by MO.com Subject Matter Resource Carl Nordgren

Be humble: Worry less about being right and more about allowing truth to emerge.

When I am teaching, I often remind my students that ‘Thinking is better than Knowing’—Humility needed there, eh?

When we look upon our businesses and our lives with the perspective that there is always more to know, the door to new and better solutions remains open—that’s continuous improvement—permitting a truly creatively entrepreneurial company to be born. Be willing to listen to employees who are on the front lines daily and who may have the best new ideas for the most entrenched problems.

While it is true in the venture building world that there are advantages to being the first who ‘knows’—the one who provides the first map of the new horizon for others—the one who names a new paradigm or category or system. The industry leader.

It is also true that Humble leaders who are experienced explorers realize that a new horizon can fool you, will fool you, and can be emerging as something other than what it first appeared to be. These leaders are prepared to revise or even discard their early maps’ features. In dynamic situations, it’s sooner than later that something unexpected occurs, so flexible Thinking is more creative, more productive, than determined Knowing.

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