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“Even growth represents a problem when the business has expanded beyond yesterday’s skill sets.”

Jack A. Bass B.A. LL.B is one of Canada’s foremost economists and forecasted the dramatic rise in the price of gold and the fall in natural gas prices. He has completed (graduating at the top of his class) the securities course as part of a large American retail broker. His public service work includes the roles as government advisor to Native Indian bands as well as being the administrator to one of the largest First Nations in British Columbia Canada. He has also served as the Executive Director for non-profits seeking to develop downtown business/retail cores and for community organizations lending to high-risk business start-ups.

Jack A. Bass books are published by Collier Macmillan including:”How to make Real Money in Real Estate” and “How to send your Money out to Work”. As part of his stock market analysis he has also written “The Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio” which is available at amazon.com as an e=book and Stock Market Magic: Building Your Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio available at his website www.amp2012.com

Jack A. Bass & Associates is a premiere business management service offering a wide range of practical solutions and a clear path to profits through Executive Training and Business Coaching.

Jack A. Bass, Jack A. Bass and Associates - Economist

MO: In your experience, what do most new businesses need the most help with?

Jack: Business owners have to update their business plan and align original objectives with the present realities. Too many plans written to satisfy a bank financing are now forgotten .Out of date objectives are still being followed despite changes in the economy, business sector or markets. Even growth represents a problem when the business has expanded beyond yesterdays skill sets.

MO: Business is dynamic in nature, how can managers stay on their toes in a constantly changing environment?

Jack: Don’t fear networking with peers or competitors. In my experience other business owners are happy to act as mentors. Outside consultants ( such as myself) can bring fresh perspectives to issues and new ideas from their contacts. Join local trade associations and Chambers of Commerce. Read your trade journals on line for the latest thinking and follow business papers such as The Wall Street Journal to keep aware of economic trends effecting your business.

MO: What economic trends should we be paying attention to? Do you have any advice or insights on investing in 2012?

Jack: The tremendous Federal Reserve liquidity pumping has not yet resulted in inflation – but that inflation “ payment” is only two years away. The economy is recovering . True the recovery is a slow process – yet you must position your company in todays market and anticipate your position in the recovery. Expansion capital is available now and expansion plans have to account for both the recovery and higher interest rates ( which I see in 2014 but not earlier).

MO: What is the most challenging aspect of personal coaching? Do you ever find that individuals are resistant to fully committing to the transformation required of the process?

Jack: It is a rare individual that is open to coaching before a crisis. There are several steps :

1) Build rapport and trust between coach and client. This takes time.

2) The client ( with the coach’s guidance) must identify the issues.

3) The client and coach together select immediate, interim and long term goals.

4) Both then meet regularly to evaluate progress and adjust the goals.

Clients are reluctant to do more that short term “ fixes” to the pain. This does not provide growth over the life of the company – but the client is often under such stress they find it difficult to commit to long term work for long term solutions. Transformation is seldom easy – but always worthwhile for the individual , company and management team.

MO: What leaders are you inspired by?

Jack: I believe you can learn from history and a good library. This means taking time to read the lives of others . Lincoln was a person of great strength as he took time to hear all sides, was willing to compromise to achieve his goals and worked with many who initially opposed him .

Washington persevered under the greatest of obstacles – lack of men, resources and allies. In the face of daunting odds he kept moving forward to victory.

Warren Buffett is regarded as the world’s greatest investor and his ideas are freely shares at each annual meeting ( his annual letter is posted at the Berkshire website ) and in a host of books analyzing his methods.

MO: Can you talk to us about your newest book, what inspired it and the process of writing it?

Jack : I have seen the failure of most investors to have a written investment strategy – in the same way most business clients have no business plan. I have sought to provide a road map to investment success along with the selections that reduce the tedium of trying to sort through a thousand companies to find prime investment selections. It is this combination of a strategy and a portfolio that gives the reader the road map to success.

I write the book using my market letter ( since 2008 ) and combined that with up to-date analysis of the economy and individual stocks.

Website for the stock market letter http://amp2012.com/

Website for the consulting business http://www.jackbassteam.com/

E-mail Jack at jbassbia@yahoo.com

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