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Jack Davis is the CFO and Co-Founder of Indaba Global, Inc. In 1985 Jack started his financial planning career as an agent with Mutual Benefit Life. After several years with Mutual Benefit Life, Jack decided to “go it alone”. His company, “The Davis Companies” successfully grew for over 15 years.

During the 1990’s Jack and Hellen started an online cosmetics and skin company. The company’s revenues grew each year and the business was sold in 2004. Then in the early part of 2000, Jack’s wife, Hellen, owner of Indaba Global, Inc., asked him to come on board and oversee marketing and day-to-day operations. Indaba was quickly becoming a leader in online corporate training. Jack has overseen the firm’s expansion into eLearning with the introduction of Indaba’s industry leading Enterprise Development Suite, Life Coaching and Executive Coaching Programs as well as the recently introduced DISCflex™ Business Behaviors Report.

In addition to programs created for the corporate and government sectors, Indaba offers a Personal and Professional Development eLearning Program targeted to university students.

Jack D. Davis, Indaba Global, Inc. - Co-Founder & Vice President

MO: Where does the name Indaba come from?

Jack: The name “Indaba” comes from Hellen Davis’s, co-founder of Indaba Global, native homeland of South Africa. Indaba is a Zulu word for the concept of ‘seeking knowledge’. Indaba is a process of discovery, analysis, goal setting and self-fulfillment – a process that reinforces the mission of the company.

MO: How did your background and experience contribute to the development of the company? What was the transition process of leaving your own company to work with your wife at Indaba?

Jack: With over two decades of sales experience, internet marketing, and product design, it was a natural transition to join forces with Indaba Global to help the firm reach the next level. Having been a part of operations on the peripheral level made the move much easier. Hellen is the mastermind of Indaba Global’s numerous eLearning programs. Hellen mind truly operates on a different level. Trying to keep up with Hellen is comparable to throwing a bucket of water at someone and asking them not to miss a drop. My role is to market our innovative, informative and relevant programs to help educate business people as well as students so they may maximize their full potential in life.

MO: How much has the business model changed since you first started 21 years ago?

Jack: About the same amount as a room does when you shut off the light. Think back to 20 years ago, when we started Indaba Global. There was no Facebook, no Google. Online learning was non-existent. Video streaming was a pipedream. We initially offered our innovative programs through books and CD’s. This was standard practice back the early 1990’s. Then, about 11 years ago a client wanted to know how we could train hundreds of people at one time without the huge expenses of having them travel from all over the globe to the corporate offices. Hellen mentioned to the CEO that one of dreams was to create an eLearning platform so participants would be able to simply enter a password and have immediate 24/7/365 access to high quality, relevant and usable video training materials. The client offered to fund 50% of the production fees and software expenses with Indaba responsible for the balance. We immediately started creating content and continue to this day to create relevant eLearning programs. Our company was years ahead of the eLearning trend. Our eLearning library has over 150 hours of high content video programs. Our video library content may be the most comprehensive in the industry. We are extremely proud of what we have developed and continue to develop. We now market our programs to universities worldwide. We offer students a wonderful “Personal and Professional Development eLearning Program” that includes training on subjects such as: ranging from job interviewing skills to resume writing to body language and rapport. We have a patent-pending on one of our processes for delivery targeted eLearning.

Jack D. Davis, Indaba Global, Inc. - Co-Founder & Vice President

MO: What is your most popular e-program?

Jack: Our DISCflex™ Business Behaviors Report has become our #1 product. Companies and major universities are quickly recognizing the numerous advantages to teaching individuals how to adjust and modify their behavior as needed. It is a very powerful skill set to develop. In addition, university students who complete the DISCflex™ program are encouraged to put “DISCflex™ Certificate of Completion” on their resume᷄ to help “separate” their achievements from other applicants.

MO: Can you explain some of the process behind creating one of the most comprehensive libraries of eLearning video and audio programs in the industry?

Jack: For the past ten years Indaba Global has been creating, writing, editing and producing high quality video programs. Every day our staffers are researching, creating, writing and editing educational content. Our program information is relevant and may be applied as soon as possible in any setting. We do not teach theory. The programs are based on “real world” application in order to deliver “real world” results. To comprehend the scope of our vast eLearning library, we have created the equivalent of over 70 major motion pictures! Over 150 hours of innovative eLearning programs. We are extremely proud of the content we provide to our clients at exceptionally affordable pricing.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for Indaba?

Jack: Great question! Where to begin? Indaba Global is poised for rapid growth. We currently have distribution in 30 countries. Our worldwide distribution network is indicating phenomenal interest in our innovative eLearning programs. We are currently in negotiations with government leaders internationally to provide our eLearning programs to millions of their citizens and students.

Additionally, we are especially excited about our DISCflex™ Business Behavior Report and our latest version, DISCflex™ Sales and Marketing Report. We are currently created a game-changing, much-needed DISCflex™ Report . However, due to competitive security reasons, we cannot divulge the content of the Report at this time.

Indaba Global is proud to offer relevant, applicable and affordable education. You may visit our websites for more information. http://www.indaba1.com/or http://www.discflex.com/

Thank you.

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