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” …Offering data driven marketing by focusing on efficiency and practicality, not emotion.”

Jason Hawkins is the President of No Risk SEO Inc. Jason is considered an internet marketing expert with over 8 years of experience in search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation.

Sergio Aicardi brings over 5 years of experience to No Risk SEO Inc. Don’t let time fool you, his amazing skills in SEO has allowed him to quickly become an expert figure of authority on topics such as SEO, PPC management, Google Analytics, eCommerce, optimizing internal processes and procedures, and more.

No Risk SEO offers the most comprehensive turn-key SEO marketing services that generate tremendous amounts of targeted leads. Not only do they increase your traffic, they will also increase your conversions.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you expand on why you believe that offering a cookie cutter approach via “keyword packages” is what is wrong your industry?

Jason & Sergio: Our business was formed after seeing the shortcomings of numerous internet marketing agencies in South Florida. Many seem to have opened the doors to “cash in” on the internet age. Many were relying on providers from other countries which provided “keyword packages” and just marked them up 200% – 500%. Google is constantly changing. What worked 3 years ago does not work today. Furthermore, the sustainability of these keyword packages is grim. Many prospects come to us now with a penalized website from going with low cost packages from these “internet marketing agencies.”

An important item to note is that many of these keyword package type firms will have an outbound sales team. If they were so good with internet marketing, why would they need to reach out to you? Our websites enjoy national and local page one rankings for terms like doctor seo company, insurance agency seo company, ecommerce seo company, miami seo company, etc. We practice what we preach. Prospects reach out to us, not vice versa. Be very weary if you’re solicited by someone offering a “keyword word package.”

All businesses differ significantly; therefore it is nearly impossible for an international hotel resort to be shoved into the same package as a local plumber who has the goal of dominating market-share in one specific city. Even if a different/higher “package” is chosen, it takes much more than a pre-defined one size fits-all package to obtain serious results.

Google wants to offer users with the best possible experience. Usability is very important. Our company will turn down prospects that are not willing to redesign their website if the analytical data tells us the visitors do not like the website. Some other internet marketing agencies who offer keyword packages will often take any prospect that has a credit card with available spend. This is clearly an issue both ethically and morally. Our company has never received one bad review because we look at prospects and tell them what we would do if it was our website.

Superior agencies such as ours often quote out custom internet marketing programs based on the actual goal(s) of the business. Consulting with your prospect regarding everything your website and the way visitors interact with online is critical. As an example, what good is new website traffic if your website converts at less than 1%?

BusinessInterviews.com: What are your top tips when it comes to creating a first great impression with website design?

Jason & Sergio:

  • Modern – No one likes to look at website from 1999. This can harm your brands appearance, not be search engine friendly, hurt your conversion rates, hurt the chances of someone being proud to share your website amongst friends and family, etc.
  • Simplicity – You shouldn’t have to be an internet marketing ninja to properly navigate a website and/or find critical information within one click. The sales funnel/lead generation funnel should be extremely simple.
  • Conversion Rate Optimized – Have a screaming call to action above the fold to convince your traffic you’re willing to give them huge value by reaching out to your business. They shouldn’t have to search for this. It should be in front of the moment they land on your website.

BusinessInterviews.com: Is it possible for a small business to monitor their own ROI without the help of a marketing or SEO firm?

Absolutely. It is not “easy” for the average small business to set this up as a programmer may be required to set ROI tracking. However, Google Analytics is the most robust reporting platform available today. Creating a thank you page for lead generation websites which is only triggered when someone fills out a form can easily track how many people are filling out your firms in addition to the originating source of the conversion (social media, organic search, paid search, etc.)

Additionally, you can even track phone calls specific to source of traffic. As an example, if someone finds you organically, your phone number will quickly be swapped out to an organic tracking number. IF someone finds you via paid search, another unique phone number will quickly be swapped. You can integrate this within Google Analytics as an event and compare trends of phone calls and which sources are providing you with a positive ROI.

BusinessInterviews.com: How can Google Places optimization services help local businesses obtain local targeted traffic?

Jason & Sergio: Google Places optimization is a must-do for all business owners looking to grow their business online. With Google Maps, simply creating a listing the right way can help customers who are on-the-go find you when they are nearby using location filters that show results closest to the searcher based on IP address. If you go above and beyond rather than just simply creating your listing in an optimal way, you can also start to show up for a large amount of search queries by doing off-page SEO in a way that helps your listing show up better on the standard search results (not Google Maps results but rather, web based results that also show a few maps listings on Google known as blended search results).

Aside from being able to easily target on the go search engine users looking to find businesses close by, you can also use you Google Places listing as an extension for your paid ads. When you synchronize your Google Places listing with you Adwords Ads, you have an advantage over other competitors who don’t showcase the face that they are local to their audience on the SERP’s. In my experience, I’ve seen cases where a PPC ad experienced a 40% increase in click through rate because of the fact that a location extension was added to a campaign that was solely targeting local searchers.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are the biggest mistakes you see businesses make when it comes to managing their Pay Per Click marketing campaigns?

Jason & Sergio: Undoubtedly, the answer is creating an account structure that is not well organized and/or granular enough to match search engine users with the best combination of landing pages + ads so that the searcher gets exactly what he or she is looking for from search to conversion. Advertisers fail to recognize that search marketing has a direct correlation to the psychology of online shoppers. Rather than focusing on what an online searcher wants, advertisers just focus on what they think customers are typing in. Keywords are not the only thing that matters when it comes to a PPC campaign, but at the same time, everything relies on keywords. The one thing most advertisers fail to do, is to grasp the fact that search engines have a job to do; which is to provide search engine users with the best answers (aka results) to their search queries. The way Google decides how well you do at providing their customers with ads can be graded by a quality score, with a high quality score you can save money and get better conversion rates.

I took the liberty to write a great blog post on this topic so that business owners who manage their own campaign can learn why it’s likely not working the way they want it to. It covers how to setup a easy to manage account structure by utilizing campaigns and ad groups in an organized manner that results in high quality scores and low cost per clicks. http://themiamiseocompany.com/ppc/adwords-hasnt-worked-advertisers/

BusinessInterviews.com: Congratulations on being nominated for Best PPC Campaign in the World –by US Search Awards 2014 in Association with Pubcon Las Vegas. How does it feel to have gained such impressive recognition after only launching the company 2 years ago?

Jason & Sergio: Thank you very much. Quite honestly it’s a really big milestone that we are incredibly proud of. We attribute this to the fact that our managing members and key employees all have a strong passion and desire to be the best at what they do.

The owners of the company all came from a history of working at marketing companies/SEO companies that were borderline scams. Being in that situation, they learned how to build a company that actually delivered results and that had ethical business standards. Each department has a team leader that lives, eats and sleeps what they do whereas at the old company our owners came from all department managers lacked any sense of leadership or experience. At our company, our programming team is led by Steven Spencer who placed 2nd in ATT’s Hackathon, our PPC department has a team leader that is responsible for getting us the Best PPC Campaign nomination etc. Each division of our company is strong to the point where they have free minded thinkers leading the team and constantly improving upon it.

After our first year and after getting a decently sized book of business, anyone prospect who has the chance to speak with us or come by the office quickly can see how passionate we are and then they ultimately have a strong urge to work with us. It’s truly an amazing feeling to have a company that can really help business owners become successful the way we have, through the power of search!

BusinessInterviews.com: How do you plan to keep the momentum going?

By doing exactly what we are doing right now; offering data driven marketing by focusing on efficiency and practicality, not emotion. In a world where everything is track-able through numbers there is no guessing. There is just data, which is what we thrive off of. We are going to continue to sell data driven marketing services by sharing knowledge with our prospects until they understand what it really takes to be successful online.

Rather than monetizing off of the ignorance or lack of intelligence that most business owners have when it comes to search marketing, we are helping business owners become more and more knowledgeable through our blogs and learning resources. Naturally, our audience builds the confidence in us over time to outsource their marketing services to us in exchange for generously sharing our knowledge online through our blog posts and video tutorials. We believe that paying-it-forward by sharing knowledge which most SEO companies consider to be “proprietary techniques” we will become known as the go to source for DIY SEO and for anyone looking to outsource.



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