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“Key tenants of the Jenna Leigh lingerie brand are the perfectly melded superior fit fused with high-fashion designs…”

Jenna Leigh launched her eponymous lingerie and intimates brand in 2009, a time when it was not desirable to start a new business. With a great product that was needed in the market place and a savvy business mind, Jenna and her brand made it through the economic hard spot and grew to be a leading design company in the intimates space. Key tenants of the Jenna Leigh lingerie brand are the perfectly melded superior fit fused with high-fashion designs, satisfying both the daily indulgence and special occasion looks while also filling a void in the market.

Jenna Leigh can be found at finer boutiques such as Anthropologie, Barneys, Journelle, Holt Renfrew, Bloomingdales and ShopBop.com, as well as specialty boutiques worldwide.

MO: What has been the hardest aspect of building a brand from scratch?

Jenna: The hardest part has definitely been production. Making lingerie is REALLY difficult, and getting all the fits, colors, pads, underwire, and everything right each season has been tricky. I came into this business with no factory connections or relationships and have had to find my own way. Factories tend to take advantage of small companies like mine and charge expensive prices and high minimums. This is a constant struggle for a new brand.

MO: Where do you find inspiration for your designs? How do you then bring your ideas to life.

Jenna: I find inspirations for my designs during my travels. I think traveling is the biggest eye opener, just to find different colors, fabrics, cultures, traditions – they all end up playing a role in my designs. I take bits and pieces of what remained in my head throughout my travels and apply those colors, patterns, and designs to my new collections. This can be anything from an ethnic print, to the color blue from an ocean inspiration.

MO: You’ve managed to secure accounts with some of the most prestigious stores in the world. What have you learned from the experience of pitching and presenting to stores such as Barneys and Anthropologie that could be useful to our readers?

Jenna: I realized that you have to be confident within your brand and not timid, and you also have to be honest and humble. I tell my top stores what they will love and what they will hate in regards to new collections. They admire how honest I am, and personal human connection.

MO: You’ve managed to gain an impressive amount of traction since launching in 2009. How have you managed to gain such a great foothold in a competitive market?

Jenna: I actually launched Fall of 2008, which is crazy to think how quickly time has flown by! My product is unique, and people, whether they are buyers at prestigious stores, or regular retail shoppers, all want something different. When I make a “simple” bra, it does not sell as well. Everyone wants that hot new color, or a new geometric lace. I am always thinking of new ideas for nighties, robes, bridal wear, skirts, rompers, etc….

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for Jenna Leigh in 2012?

Jenna: Jenna Leigh is opening its first retail space. This will be opening June 2012 at Revel Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. We are very excited to finally have our own presence of Jenna Leigh lingerie throughout a store, merchandised the way we envision it, with a strong brand identity for the shopper to experience. The Jenna Leigh woman is funky, fun, fashionable, and trend savvy – this will be the vibe at our first store!

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