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Jennifer DeCosta is the founder of JD Media located in the heart of New York. Jennifer specializes in original thinking and skillful storytelling and maintaining a client’s image with integrity and class.

JD Media is your one stop shop for all of your marketing and public relations needs. Constant communication between marketing and public relations is the key to making your campaign successful. So why hire separate agencies when JD Media has all departments under one roof. We specialize in authors, retail, medical devices, and celebrities.

Jennifer DeCosta, JD Media - Founder

MO: Why did you create JD Media instead of taking the easier route and working for an already established firm?

Jennifer: It just sort of happened at the right time. I was desperately trying to change careers from advertising sales to marketing. Even though my last position and previous job put me in charge of marketing, all anybody ever saw was “Sales” on my resume and I just could not get a strictly marketing job even at entry level. After meeting with a well known recruiter, she was so impressed with my background that she asked me to lunch to discuss being her PR rep. That’s when everything clicked for me! With all of my connections and different aspects to my background, this was the way I could pull everything together and not have to have a boss breathing down my neck. Since my first lemonade stand, my father taught me the basics of business and I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. Now I had the opportunity.

MO: What sets you apart from the competition?

Jennifer: JD Media has everything under one roof. We have the knowledge of the advertising and marketing world on top of PR contacts. Many companies often have to use separate advertising agencies and PR companies which is not only expensive but also wastes a lot of time and often involves miscommunication due to the amount of parties involved.

MO: What advice would you give to a new start up looking to publicize their business on a shoestring budget?

Jennifer: I did it, and so can you…you just have to be smart and use social media to your advantage – it’s free!

MO: What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

Jennifer: I love the initial brainstorming because new ideas always come out of no where and it makes each campaign unique. I love to do things that are outside the box.

MO: How have you been able to successfully integrate seemingly separate departments under one roof?

Jennifer: They really are not all that separate. One relies on the other to gain the full effect.

MO: Can you tell our readers about the expansion of your Entertainment Division at JD Media?

Jennifer: I grew up in the entertainment world and it has always been my first love. In fact my first job out of college was as a talent scout in NYC and I did so well that I was promoted to Director within my first year. I was contacted in 2010 to help develop a script into a multi-million dollar film with A – list actors. It took me about 10 months to pull it all together and made me realize the range of contacts I actually possessed – and my phone has been ringing with referrals after that. Films also need someone to do their marketing and advertising so this is just another example of how one hand needs the other, and benefits JD Media clients having all this expertise at their finger tips.

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