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“I’ve found that no matter what a management team tries to implement, a company culture is in reality just the sum of the people in the company.”


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Altitude Digital Partners is a leader in digital advertising technology. Altitude Digital Partners empowers online publishers to maximize their revenue by optimizing their ad space and eliminating unnecessary ad operations costs. Altitude provides a full scale Supply-Side-Platform for display and online-video advertising.

Jeremy Ostermiller is the founder and CEO of Altitude Digital Partners. Altitude was recently named #54 on Inc. Magazine’s 2012 Inc. 500 list. The ad tech firm’s client roster is in the hundreds and full of the world’s premier online publishers. On average Altitude is able to increase a publisher’s revenue up to 300%.

MO: For those of us who are unfamiliar, can you explain what a Supply Side Platform is?

Jeremy: A Supply Side Platform, or SSP, is an advertising technology platform which represents the suppliers of online ads, and guarantees inventory availability. An SSP allow many of the larger web publishers of the world to automate and optimize the selling of their online media space.

MO: Can you talk about how your empower publishers to maximize their online revenue?

Jeremy: We have taken the Ebay model and the hotels.com model and applied those concepts to online advertising. We built a Real Time Bidding platform that works like an Ebay auctioning system. We onboard unsold advertising inventory similar to the hotels.com model of selling unsold rooms at a discount. In any given month we sell 8-10 billion ad impressions via our RTB and we have over 300 advertisers that bid on the inventory and buy based on cookied users. The system works off of a 2nd price bidding similar to Ebay so if advertiser A bids $1.00 for the impression and advertiser B bids $2.00 then advertiser B would win that impression for $1.01.

MO: How has ADP evolved since launching in 2009?

Jeremy: We’ve evolved a lot since 2009. We started the company as a sales and marketing shop and in 2011 we realized that in order for us to scale and increase our overall value to our customers we needed to be a technology company with a sales and marketing background. I am a strong believer in the convergence of one screen, and I believe in the near future no matter what screen you are looking at whether it is a TV, Ipad, billboard or a screen in a cab, it will be powered by online advertising. I see video advertising as the most powerful and compelling form of media on the planet and in 2011 we launched Visualtising.com to help publishers monetize their video advertising. Visualtising has been very successful is a short period of time and is already driving 40% of our revenue.

MO: What makes your company culture so amazing?

Jeremy: I’ve found that no matter what a management team tries to implement, a company culture is in reality just the sum of the people in the company. Luckily for me we have an amazing team, which paired with trust, has really let the company culture evolve all on its own. Trust is crucial to a strong organization. We also have an open office atmosphere that helps foster teamwork and open communication across all of our departments.

On top of that, I’m really into the live concert scene and I have placed pieces from my private collection of music memorabilia everywhere, so our office looks kind of like the rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame. We try and keep the stress to a minimum and have an in-office gym, free yoga classes, and even free bike-share.

MO: Who or what inspires you?

Jeremy: I am inspired by the amazing entrepreneurs that are in the online advertising industry. I would say that the average age of a CEO in our industry is 35 and that age keeps dropping. I love to be surrounded by brilliant entrepreneurs who have defied the odds and have successfully run a profitable company, regardless of what the economy does. I love to read success stories like Instagram where two kids that graduated from Stanford in 2006 sold a company of 13 people to Facebook for a billion dollars. These type of stories are what excite me and encourage me to stay on top of my game and ahead of the curve.

MO: Can you talk about your plans to launch the Worlds most advanced supply side platform of video?

Jeremy: Yeah, we’re launching a Supply Side Platform for video with a Real Time Bidding system to maximize value for our publisher partners. We are currently integrating some of the world’s largest DSP’s and Trading Desks into the Real Time Bidding platform to allow them to bid on the 1.5b+ video pre-roll impressions per month (and growing quickly). Our system has varying layers of optimization that work well with many different types of demand partners of different integrations. Our goal is to make our publishers the most money possible while keeping our advertisers happy. It’s quite the balancing act.

With the SSP, it allows us to manage all aspects of multiple video campaigns, maximizing profit on each impression. Our technology is based around a very scalable solution with advanced buy side information and tools to allow our buyers to be confident in their campaigns. Data and scale set us apart at this point. With a very large publisher network and the functionality for very granular targeting, we’re poised for enormous growth.


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