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“A key to running a successful business is having a product that solves people’s problems.”

Joe Barton is the founder of Barton Publishing and other websites that promote natural health through teaching people how to cure themselves using alternative home remedies (using simple grocery store items, herbs, vitamins, exercises, and more), instead of expensive and harmful prescription drugs.

Barton Publishing is built on the foundation of honesty, integrity, and diligence. Each report Barton Publishing issues goes through a thorough process of research, validation, writing, editing, rewriting, formatting, and review before it is released. We also maintain relationships with our customers through email, updating them on health news related to their own health concerns.

MO: From my understanding, you were an accountant prior to starting Barton Publishing. What encouraged you to make the jump?

Joe: It’s kind of strange that an accountant would become a health business owner, right? My background is in public accounting and taxes, so health and marketing were not the fields I was trained in, but it was fun to discover that I’m much more passionate about this than I was about accounting! It was a gradual process, really. My wife and I were young and had two young boys, and we took a leap of faith so she could stay home with them, rather than take them to daycare. Our income was cut in half, so I started looking for an extra stream of income. That led me to dabble in some multilevel marketing companies, which weren’t a good fit for me. Then, I started selling a few things on eBay. On eBay, I noticed other people were selling short eBooks for $9.95 each; I thought that was a brilliant business model. Write a book, and then sell it over and over. I started studying eBook publishing, took a course on it, and learned how to build a website, create a product, and sell it online.

A key to running a successful business is having a product that solves people’s problems. While I was working on my business, I came home from work one day to find our house covered with ladybugs! The farmers had just harvested soybeans, and our house was near a field, so the bugs were looking for a place to winter. I decided to find a remedy to get rid of those darn ladybugs, so I put together an eBook and a website called GetRidOfLadybugs.com. It was my first website, and I started selling a few eBooks every day. A few months later, I launched a website called GetRidOfKidneyStones.com, after my mom told me about a home remedy her chiropractor used to dissolve his own kidney stones without pain. Within a few months, I had published a handful of other home remedy websites, and when RefluxRemedy.com went live, it was very popular and afforded me the opportunity to quit my job and work at this full-time. I haven’t looked back since!

MO: What is your advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs who are thinking about venturing into a completely new industry?

Joe: If you have the DNA of an entrepreneur, then you’ll be excited about taking risks. But I recommend taking calculated risks, rather than stupid ones. The faster you exercise your “risk-tolerance muscles” by actually taking risks, the more successful you will be. Even if you “fail,” you will learn valuable lessons that will help you the next time you are faced with an opportunity. As for venturing into a completely new industry, I would advise people to do a lot of homework ahead of time. Research the market, and if you see an opportunity to add value to the market by providing a better product or better service (or both), start with a small test and see what happens. It doesn’t cost much to do a small test, and there are no rules that say you must quit your day job and go all-in right off the bat. Start small and continue to improve every day. It’s also important to find out what your strengths and passions are. If you hate your current job, find a way to make a living doing something you are passionate about. You will be far happier and more successful if you’re doing something you love, even if you make less money at first.

Your company helps educate your customers on at-home remedies that can treat various medical conditions. What has been the most popular treatment? Why have customers been drawn to it?

Our most popular home remedy has been for acid reflux. Millions of people suffer from the painful burn of acid reflux, so it’s a big market of hurting people. Our website shows a video presentation that reveals the cure that helped my dad stop suffering from his reflux, after 10 years of poor health and no remedy. The apple is such a simple remedy, but it works really well. Our “Acid Reflux Solution Kit” provides even better remedies that do more than just alleviate the symptoms; they help cure the cause of acid reflux.

MO: What has been the most rewarding part of your job?

It’s very rewarding to hear stories from people who have had their lives dramatically improved because of what they’ve learned from us. It is motivating for us to know that we’re making a positive difference in the world and have helped millions of people! It is also rewarding to work with a team of amazing people who are committed to helping others by constantly improving our products and our message.

MO: Your team works virtually across the country. How has that actually helped your company grow and prosper?

Joe: Because we are virtual, we are not limited to hiring people locally, which opens up our pool of talent to the entire world. We’re not entirely virtual, though, as we’ve also hired two local people and our customer support team is here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as well. But everyone loves working virtually because it allows for flexibility in scheduling, as well as location. Working virtually allows us to travel, take care of sick family members, go to our kids’ school concerts, etc. That flexibility creates happier, less stressed people; this leads to better performance at work, which, in turn, leads to growth and prosperity. We do have systems in place to make sure the work gets done and people stay focused, though, as it can be more difficult to lead people when you’re not in the same room with them.

Have there been any at-home remedies that you or anyone in your family has found success using?

Joe: Yes, I’ve used several of our remedies for overcoming and preventing sinus infections, colds and flu, allergies, and an occasional bout with acid reflux (after eating pizza too late at night!). We also have a team member with diabetes, and he has used several remedies to keep his blood sugar in a healthy range. I think everyone on our team has used some of our home remedies at one time or another. It’s part of our culture. In fact, we just finished a 60-day fat-loss challenge, where several people on our team used remedies from our upcoming product “27 Natural Remedies for Weight Loss and Fitness” to burn fat and get in better health. Overall, the six people who participated burned 79 pounds of fat in just 60 days, and have kept them off!

MO: What is in store for Barton Publishing in the next few months?

Joe: I’m excited about our upcoming weight loss product, as I mentioned earlier. It is going to help people use easy natural remedies to overcome sugar addiction, burn unhealthy fat, and maintain a healthy body weight. This is essential to overcoming and preventing conditions like type II diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, and so much more. A healthy weight means higher energy levels, better self-confidence, increased libido, improved productivity, and a much lower risk of disease. We also have plans to launch remedies for heart health, digestive health, low testosterone, sleep problems, vision, and bone health. Stay tuned!

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