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“We provide businesses with the means to use their website as their primary education and sales tool.”

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Joel Goldstein is a professional speaker, author and Internet marketing consultant. He has been featured on television, newspapers and magazines as an expert in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media strategies. Specializing in online lead generation, his clients have been varied from the largest online swimwear e-commerce website to independent medical practices.

Joel published his first book “A Professional’s Guide to Social Media” at the age of 26 in 2010. The book became a “best seller” on Amazon within the first month and is now in its second revision. Joel speaks at conventions and universities around the world on developing effective online marketing strategies for business professionals.

The Peer Marketing Group is a social media and word of mouth marketing agency with a proven track record for helping successful organizations leverage search marketing, online community building, and forward-thinking Internet strategies.

Joel Goldstein, Peer Marketing Group - President

MO: What was more threatening running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain or fighting with Muay Thai fighters?

Joel: Haha, I’d say neither. The most threatening experience I’ve had was speaking in front over 250+ attorneys on how to grow their business!

MO: Where does your passion for philanthropy come from?

Joel: My drive and motivation come from my childhood, my parents raised me to give back and have a charitable perspective.

MO: Do you approach developing a personal brand differently than you do a corporate brand?

Joel: Yes, very differently. Developing a personal brand comes from showing a personality and being relatable. When approaching developing a corporate brand it strongly relies on the clientele’s perspective of your brand.

MO: What project or campaign are you most proud of working on or creating?

Joel: I’m proud of most of my clients, I work one on one with most of the marketing managers to drive their new client lead generation through their website and online marketing.

MO: With the constant arrival of emerging techniques, products and companies, how do you decide which ones are worth testing out for your clients?

Joel: I currently run 200+ lead generation websites personally, before I take any new approach to a client’s marketing campaign I thoroughly vet each using my websites.

MO: Can you explain your Social Lead Development™ philosophy and how you came up with it?

Joel: I believe you’re referring to Sociomarketing. Sociomarketing comes from Sociology, using the understanding that we’ve derived from the demographics to tailor an advertising campaign to each group. I’ve experienced a 10-15% bump in my conversions after applying certain principles that we’ve generalized from age demographics.

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