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“When you are looking to sell anything to an end user and you don’t plan for the fulfillment and shipping, then you are just planning to go out of business.”

Jordan Guernsey is the very successful Entrepreneur behind Molding Box, an innovative company that provides shipping, printing, handling, and disc media production services. Jordan started Molding Box in his mother’s basement and has grown the company into an Inc. 500 list member. He truly focuses on the client’s experience and gives all employees the power to make a difference. Jordan stresses employee loyalty and engagement and is extremely active in charity. He is constantly looking for ways to better the world. For example, Molding Box is a flagship company for the Utah Defendant Offender Workforce Development program and offers second chances to paroles.

 MO: You started your company in your mother’s basement. Tell us how the early days of Molding Box came about.

Jordan: I had been working for a credit card processing company; while I was there, we got into product development. I was put in charge of the products, as well as the fulfillment. We grew the fulfillment division so quickly that we were in the process of looking to outsource it. I saw the opportunity and had wanted to start something, so I picked up the fulfillment and started Molding Box. It was a crazy first few months, but it has been very educational and fun.

MO: Congratulations on your recent grand opening. What, if anything, has remained since the first few months of your startup?

Jordan: I would say our attitude and core values have stayed consistent. We have always believed that with working hard comes playing hard, and that work can always be fun. There may be challenges that pop up, but there is always an opportunity to grow. Our core values are honesty, quality, openness, and communication. We believe that if we can stick by these, everything will fall into place – and it does.

MO: Packaging and shipping can be overlooked when starting a company. Why are fulfillment and shipping so vital?

Jordan: When you are looking to sell anything to an end user and you don’t plan for the fulfillment and shipping, then you are just planning to go out of business. Shipping alone is complex; start adding any type of volume to it, and it is infinitely more so. Fulfillment is a beast in and of itself; if you can find the right partner upfront, you will miss a lot of roadblocks. When you are just starting out, it is hard to picture shipping one or two pieces being hard and, truthfully, it’s not. Start doing anything more, though, and you’ll have to add employees. Keep growing, and now you have to get a warehouse; after that, you need systems, procedures, and inventory control. It’s a lot to try and project when just starting out, so I believe a lot of people just say, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” It is so vital because the product that is delivered to your customer needs to show how cool your company is and how much you care about the experience they get, from the time they order all the way to the moment they have it in their hands. It shows that you are a real business and should be trusted with future transactions. You start building a brand for yourself, and just like everything, the shipping and handling aspects are still part of your business.

MO: You seem to have a great company environment at Molding Box; how has that environment helped your company grow?

Jordan: It has really helped when times get tough. We have a great group of people who are always positive and resilient. It is nice when you’re having a rough day and someone comes by and jabs at you, picks you up, or just has a smile. We stress the importance of getting along and not gossiping; we really live by our core values. You spend so much time at work that your co-workers are like your family, and you need to respect and treat everyone as such. When we talk to clients, they know that we treat our employees and everyone else with respect – most people like that. We get a lot of business from referrals, and stories like that are always popping up with our sales guys.

MO: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of thus far in your career?

Jordan: We were number 71 on the Inc. 500 List in 2010 – that was a pretty cool accomplishment. But, honestly, I don’t feel we have accomplished nearly as much as we could. We are always trying to dream bigger and build better than our competition, and we are always more excited for the future than the past.

MO: With the world becoming more interconnected, where do you see the future of shipping and printing heading?

Jordan: With people getting so bogged down in their inboxes, I believe that shipping and printing will always be around and grow in the future. People still respond to physical goods; as much as people love digital, it just isn’t the same as having something you can tangibly hold, see, and smell.

MO: What is your advice to anyone who has started a company in his or her parent’s basement?

Jordan: Never leave. Stay there as long as possible is a better answer, actually. The rent is typically a lot less than what you will find anywhere else, and your parents have a vested interest in seeing you succeed. Plus, you never know who your parents know. They always want to be proud of their kids, and if they can say their kid built a business in their basement, they will be your biggest advocates. There will come a time when you will need to move out, but don’t rush it. Take your time while you are in that environment to learn how to do it small and lean. Usually, parents don’t have a lot of space to work with, and if you can figure out how to be successful with a little, you can easily transition that into another building or a different place if need be.


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