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“I am most inspired by people who have the courage to pursue their dreams and in return help others do the same.”

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Inspired Living is your place to find everything you need to Dream it. Live it. BE it!

Through the original content and TV shows available on the Inspired Living website, Keri Murphy and her team of experts strive to empower you to create a successful business and live the life of your dreams. This powerful resource will help you recognize opportunity and to overcome self-limiting beliefs in order to realize your highest potential. Stop by regularly for interactive, up-to-date content including inspirational celebrity interviews, new releases of original shows featuring Keri, tips on where to find Keri’s favorite products and services, and articles and advice from experts about business, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and more.

Fans are also encouraged to “Tell Us Your Story” by submitting video or a story about how they are living an inspired life, creating an online community where all are invited to learn, share and grow. One of the core values at Inspired Living is giving back to those in need, therefore 10% of all the proceeds of Inspired Living go to charity.

MO: Where does your passion for motivating and inspiring others come from?

Keri: If I think back on my life and all my life experiences I have always been a “coach” and cheerleader; whether it was working as a local pageant director for the Miss America organization, developing models and actors, or empowering people to start their own businesses and pursuing what they love. I truly love empowering others to see and create what is possible in their life. I also have to credit all the really tough times in my life, the times that made me question who I am or what I want. Those times have really been the catalyst to my success and if I can help one other person change their perspective and use their challenges as stepping stones than I am happy.

MO: Can you talk about your entrepreneurial journey from your initial desire to help people to creating a personal brand around motivating and inspiring others?

Keri: I will never forget the day when I decided to quit my full-time job and start my interior design business. I was both terrified and excited! I was 23 years old; I went back to school to get my interior design certificate while taking a job at a furniture store. I thought, where would my potential clients be? Within 8 months I have my first 5 clients and had a very successful Interior Design business for 5 years. My desire for working on-camera did not subside; so while I was working on building my interior design business I was hosting Interior design segments and pursuing local commercial work. It was in 2004 that my mom and I purchased a modeling and talent agency. It is there that I really used and truly tapped into my love of inspiring others. While running the agency I worked with and developed hundreds of models and actors. To be a part of their dream was a big part of what I loved about my job. In 2008 when the recession hit hard I was forced to close the agency. That was devastating to me; I put so much love and work into that business. I had to file bankruptcy and found myself starting completely over in my 30’s. It was then that I decided to move out to LA to pursue my own childhood dream of being a television host I was set on making that happen. However, after working on some major networks such as The Golf Channel, E!, and TV Guide , I realized there was a bigger calling in my life. I decided there had to be a way to merge my love and experience for working on-camera to a greater cause and purpose which to me was empowering people to use their god-given gifts and create a business and life they love. Hence, Inspired Living.tv was born.

MO: What are some tips or strategies for our readers to overcome self-limiting beliefs so that they can start to realize their highest potential?

Keri: I have been very fortunate to interview some top celebrities and industry experts. Most of them credit their success to 1. Belief that they COULD and 2. Determination to make it happen. Success is not only available to a select few…it is available to ALL of those who want it bad enough. There is no such thing as failure. We can choose to either learn from our mistakes and challenges or fall victim to the “why me” mindset. We are all responsible for what we make of our lives. No one has a perfect road to success; there are road bumps, potholes, and detours….but when you know where you want to go then you find a way to get there. To overcome self-limiting beliefs one must first understand what those beliefs are and where they came from. Beliefs are formed through our society, religion, origin of upbringing, family, education systems, etc. Just because we may have been raised with certain beliefs that does not always mean that they serve us in life. For example, one might have the belief that without a college degree he/she cannot be successful. That belief may have come from a parent. That particular belief is limiting because we all know incredibly successful people who have NOT had a college degree and have gone on to be very successful. I would suggest people look at the beliefs that are holding them back in life; assess if they are true to them, and then create a shift in mindset that creates a belief system that empowers them. It can be difficult to realize our own limiting beliefs, that is where a coach can really be helpful. This is something I work closely with my clients on in order to achieve their highest success.

MO: Who or what inspires you?

Keri: I am most inspired by people who have the courage to pursue their dreams and in return help others do the same. There are many inspiring leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Oprah and Deepak but I am also inspired by all the hidden hero’s out there that are making a difference all around the globe. As a speaker and trainer I have had the pleasure to travel to Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and the UK. The people I meet and the new landscapes always inspire me in a big way. I am also inspired by the awesome people in my life and all the people I get to work with.

MO: What advice would you give someone who feels stuck but isn’t sure what steps to take to get out of their rut?

Keri: I would tell them to get a coach or mentor! The biggest thing I have learned over the years, as an entrepreneur and big vision person, is that we don’t know what we don’t know. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Instead of staying “stuck” reach out to people who have been there and done that. That is why I launched my “Dream Team” – most of us need support from like-minded people, training from people who have been there and coaching to pursue any big goal in life.

MO: Can you tell us a bit about the new talk show that you’re about to launch? What are you hoping that the average viewer walks away with?

Keri: I am very excited about the new show! I describe the show as a “True Hollywood Story” meets “Rachel Ray” meets “Oprah.” The show is really aimed to inspired people to get out and create the life of their dreams. In each episode the viewer will hear an inspirational interview that I hope allows them to see that every successful person had their own mountain to climb. There will be tips on health, fitness, beauty, success, and so much more. If one view feels empowered to bring their dreams to life through watching this show than I will be thrilled.

There are lots of other show ideas in the mix…. my goal is produce conscious, inspiring content that makes a difference in the lives of others.

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