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“Once you garner the attention of one major brand, others begin to follow suit.”

Entrepreneur Lindsey Port

Since launching GLO Gaming in her apartment a little over one year ago, Lindsey Port has seen her company grow exponentially. With more than $3 million in sales, an office in Manhattan and the U.K., a growing staff, and a lengthy list of Fortune 500 clientele, Lindsey is thrilled at the success of GLO and is looking forward to what’s in store for the company in the future.

GLO Gaming brands companies within the exploding medium of social, mobile and online gaming by utilizing their interactive platform to enhance product awareness, engage consumers and drive traffic. With a variety of cutting-edge, customizable strategies such as rich media units, in-game integration and video distribution, GLO leads the industry in expanding a brand’s reach to the more than 56 million people that participate in gaming on a daily basis.

GLO Gaming

MO: What has it felt like to become a power player in a male dominated industry? Have there been any specific advantages or disadvantages of being female?

Lindsey: Rewarding. Coming from a male-dominated sales department in my previous endeavors, I’ve gained a very competitive side. The success of GLO Gaming has made me feel like I’ve earned my place in this industry. I feel accomplished and, more importantly, I feel like an equal. Of course, there are certainly advantages and disadvantages as all females know. But I like that I’m female, I’m a natural differentiation, I stand out. And I want to stand out.

MO: You’ve achieved a remarkable level of success for someone who started in her apartment just over a year ago. How have you managed to gain such impressive traction and amazing clientele in such a short period of time?

Lindsey: Over time you develop relationships that become, not only invaluable to you as person, but as a professional as well. Once you garner the attention of one major brand, others begin to follow suit. But more importantly, we do quality work and we have the case studies and statistics to prove it. The numbers don’t lie and those are what bring in the key players.

MO: What’s the most challenging aspect of your job? On the flip side, what’s the most fun or rewarding?

Lindsey: My determination tends to get in the way, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m simply very independent, so much so that I often get lost in new business development.

The most rewarding part of my job is product development; I love the creative aspect, being able to build an entire strategy and create new types of ad solutions. I enjoy being challenged to come up with effective and creative executions that allow Fortune 500 brands to reach their audience in a fresh, new way.

MO: What trends are you noticing in the gaming industry that we should be paying attention to or taking advantage of?

Lindsey: Reward-based personal recognition is definitely the avenue marketers should be taking advantage of. In gaming, you always want to acknowledge someone whether with a badge or virtual currency to reward the consumer to come back and play again. Also, scalable execution is key. Brands are less concerned about being in one game and are more interested in being in a variety, which increases brand awareness and in turn drives engagement.

MO: How do the GLO Gaming advertising platforms work and what are the advantages of using such a new approach to marketing?

Lindsey: We have multiple platforms; our turnkey solutions enable advertisers to easily integrate their messaging in front of a large audience on social networks and mobile devices. Depending on the creative available and the objectives of the company, we are able to individualize our strategies to best suit the company.

MO: Can you tell our readers some of the exciting projects that GLO Gaming has in the pipeline?

Lindsey: We’ve been recommended to a major healthcare insurance provider to create an augmented reality application that will engage consumers while promoting healthy living.

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