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“Exposing The Secrets of Today’s Youngest Millionaires”

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Louis Lautman is a Transformational Artist and Lifestyle Designer who accelerated at the craft of selling early in his career knocking on at least 50 doors a day. His audiences call him “Moving,” “Motivating,” “Energizing” and “Inspirational.”

Today Louis, travels globally helping entrepreneurs free up their time, do more of what they love and accelerate revenues by sharing his inspirational and transformational message of empowerment through conscious entrepreneurship.

Most recently, Louis was the Executive Producer of The YES Movie, the film that exposes the secrets of today’s youngest millionaires. Check out the trailer at www.theYESmovie.com.

MO: Where does your passion for entrepreneurism come from? What was your first business and how successful was it?

Louis: I have been an entrepreneur all my life, I was selling pretzels door to door at age 5 from my little red wagon so I could buy candy and from there I have sold may different products and services. Over the years I have eaten a lot of candy, but now rather than working for candy, I love seeing other entrepreneurs grow and develop themselves and their companies. Having been an entrepreneur almost all my life, I am inspired by inspired people and that is who I want to work with. I make sure that I am engaged with other entrepreneurs all the time, so I can keep my motivations levels up and maintain the competitive edge on myself and my market. Success can be measured in many ways and if you can do what you enjoy doing and do it in a way that serves people, I think you are successful and I make sure that is what I do.

MO: What have you found to be the most important entrepreneurial skills required to be successful?

Louis: The most important entrepreneurial skills required to be successful are first you must believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will and your idea will probably never get off the ground. Next you have to take massive action toward your dream. Talking about it is not good enough and just trying a couple of things is not good enough either, you really have to persist on in the face of challenges and adversity and never give up until you accomplish what you set out to accomplish. If you never give up and work until you have what you want, you must be successful.

MO: What inspired you to produce The YES Movie? Can you talk about the creative process behind the movie and if it was your first foray into filmmaking?

Louis: haha, I laugh because it was my first film and when I told people I was making a film, they thought I was crazy. But I knew it was possible to make and amazing resource that would inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to start their own business so I was committed to doing whatever it took to make this successful. I was turning 30 and I had heard about these kids who were half my age who had created multi million dollar companies. I was so inspired by them that I wanted to share these stories with others in a fun and exciting way. No one ever encouraged me to become an entrepreneur, so I wanted to make a difference for those who had a dream of one day starting their own business. I knew that as long as I was committed I could pull this off, so I searched out and got many others along the way to help in the process of making it all happen.

MO: What aspect of the movie are you most proud of?

Louis: Actually finishing it. If you have ever heard that things take longer then you think and cost more then you think, that is absolutely true with a full length feature film. I had many opportunities to quit along the way and many reason why I could not pull this film off, but I knew that I could make such and impact on people, I was not willing to quit, no matter how long it took me or how much money it would take. Just finishing a film is a challenging process as many people who start out never finish their film. Now selling the film is a whole other story. We are distributing The YES Movie world wide and people can see the trailer at www.theYESmovie.com . I have been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries all over the world speaking at events and screening the film.

MO: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken and how did it turn out?

Louis: Well making a movie as a first time film maker was really the biggest risk I ever took. Financing a film can be very expensive. It was also the best decision I have ever made in my life. It has opened up so many different doors all around the world. I now have a global network of entrepreneurs and do business all over the world because of The YES Movie. I have also set up a virtual lifestyle for myself, so as I am traveling I don’t have to anywhere at any time, so it is like I am on vacation full time and just do business when I want to with who I want to where I want to. I put it all on the line and took this risk and it worked out wonderfully. My final piece of advice for people is do it now!

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