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“…if you can’t find what you need – create it.”

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Ice Hot is a sex-positive, for women – by women company that brings innovative products to market that help women improve their personal, social and sexual well being. Founded in 2011 by Luba Ilyasova, Ice Hot has concentrated on bringing quality and well-proven products to the attention of women in a marketplace too-often dominated by shoddy products at excessive prices. Ice Hot’s premiere products have been tested to conform with their descriptions and meet or exceed expectations. They market their products through our own websites and through associations and affiliations.

One of their most notable accomplishments is securing an exclusive distribution and marketing agreement for an innovative seduction tool that women can apply anytime, anyplace. The core constituents are made in the USA and create American jobs. The Posh Femme is a unique application of sexual scents that enhance a woman’s appeal in ways men find irresistible. The Posh Femme is a long, slender electronic cigarette that creates a vapor that, when exhaled by the woman who is using it, contains scents that have been shown in studies to increase male attention and arousal. As these scents are naturally made by women, the user is unaffected.

Luba Ilyasova, Ice Hot Inc - Founder & CEO

MO: What inspired you to launch Ice Hot?

Luba: I was in Las Vegas Nevada visiting friends and we literally stumbled into a Novelty Expo that was part of the annual AVN awards show. While browsing the show I could not help but notice a few things. One, more than 90 percent of the products are for women. Two, the absolute majority of people manufacturing, advertising and marketing these products are men. After getting back to New York I did some research and was surprised by what I found. Adult novelty products are no longer low quality products packaged in brown boxes. The packaging is extremely upscale, “green” technologies seem to gain momentum and the variety is simply overwhelming.

At the same time, I could not find a place for women today to discuss their needs, get advice and shop. There are a couple of on line communities dedicated to feminine care or novelty products, but the former is too main stream while the later is too adult. The community we are attempting to create would be cross between these two. You could say my personal motto is “if you can’t find what you need – create it”

MO: What has been the transition process of going from working in the financial sector to launching a web-site dedicated to women and their sexual well being?

Luba: As surprising as it may sound, initially there were no transitional issues. Business is business no matter what it is that you are selling. However, once we became operational, we encountered numerous issues which I have never had to face during my career in reinsurance.

Advertising, banking, financing, launching an Amazon web store, being listed in various directories, utilizing Google AdSense program– we have encountered issues at every step of the way. Once you are labeled as an “adult business” you get stigmatized and penalized by various institutions. This is kind of ironic, given the huge billboard ads and newspaper promotions run by websites like Ashley Madison which encourage people to have illicit affairs.

Last year we participated in several Business to Business and Consumer trade shows, ranging from Shopping Night Out in New York City to the Exotic Club Owners Expo in Las Vegas. Interestingly enough, the most successful shows for us were various Burlesque Festivals across the country and the Wedding Expo in Las Vegas. Our reception by Wedding Planners was overwhelming. The comment we heard most often was “this is just too darn cute”. Currently we are working on creating a catalog which will be geared towards Wedding Planning professionals. We are also launching a new website later this year which will completely change the way people make their wedding arrangements.

MO: What’s your most popular product so far?

Luba: It is hard to single out one product. I would say that products by Classica Erotica, Booty Parlor, Sliquid and We Vibe are among our top sellers every month. Judging by interest expressed by retailers towards our Posh Femme, it will quickly get on Top Seller list once we put in on the shelves across the country.

MO: Can you talk about the acquiring the exclusive distribution rights for the first electronic cigarette that has a distinctly seductive edge? Have you tried it yourself or know anyone who has?

Luba: A dear personal friend of mine happens to be brilliant chemist who expressed concern over my smoking. For months he has been trying to persuade me to if not quit then at the very least switch to electronic cigarettes. I honestly tried and after testing a few brands my response was negative due to both taste and lack of satisfaction. He then decided to manufacture his own e liquid to solve taste and quality issues and after extensive ongoing collaboration the idea of Posh was born. The product was in R&D for about six months and we had tested it both in real life and in blind smell tests. So you can say I am not just the president but also a customer. We plan to have the product available via various retailers in a few months; there is also a male formula in research and development at the moment.

MO: What kind of challenges have you encountered creating a very unique women centered business?

Luba: I would say next to none. In my previous career I constantly had to overcome challenges of being a woman in the man’s world. Currently I find that running a very unique women centered business allows me to express myself without trying to be “one of the boys”. The biggest challenge comes from running an on line enterprise from home. On one hand it affords flexibility and freedom, on the other hand it is extremely easy to get isolated and overworked, but this is where membership in Savor the Success and Ladies Who Launch comes in handy. Their support network and workshops are invaluable.

MO: Can you tell our readers a little about the new technology you’ve been working on to enhance the feelings of emotional intimacy women generate in their partners?

Luba: Research into bonding mechanisms associated with sex has shown that more than simply oxytocin subsequent to orgasm is involved. Many researchers believe that certain compounds naturally generated by women also enhance how bonded their male sex partners become. Unfortunately, the necessity of condoms to prevent STDs has also removed the effect of these compounds. In order to replace this and allow a woman’s partner to feel greater emotional intimacy, We expect to introduce an entirely new technology that will retain STD prevention while overcoming this disadvantage of condoms

Unfortunately at this time I can’t elaborate further on this, but I promise that MO.com will be first to learn about what we have planned once R&D is finalized and appropriate patents are filed!

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