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“As a female entrepreneur who has worked hard to create a great line of products, get them into stores, and promote them, I can say that I’m looking forward to the next 10 years, as well.”

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Mahisha Dellinger, the founder of CURLS, understands the need of naturally curly hair. Her passion for hair care began at an early age. Finding the right products for her curly hair type posed an interesting challenge…a challenge that was rarely victorious, and always costly. The products that claimed to be THE solution for her curly hair were not created with her hair type in mind. She became exhausted from her search for the “right product” for her naturally curly hair.

Once a home-based business, CURLS is now a multi-million dollar curly hair specialist with a global reach. It is the first line of natural, organic hair care products truly created specifically for biracial/multiracial women and girls with naturally curly hair. Nominated three years in a row for the Stylist Choice Award, CURLS is also a proud owner of Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty Award and has been featured in top magazines such as In Style, Essence, Ebony, Redbook and Allure among others. CURLS even has a solid celebrity following including such notables as Halle Berry, Rachel True, Ashanti, and more. CURLS is available for purchase at nationwide retailers including Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Sally’s Walgreens and Walmart (end of 2012). For more information, visit www.curls.biz.

MO: What do you consider to be your first major CURLS milestone?

Mahisha: Reaching the 5 year mark was unbelievable for us, given that 80% of all new businesses fail by year #3.

MO: Can you talk about how you landed several national accounts for CURLS with big players such as Target and Walmart? What would your advice be for those looking to pitch to major nationwide retailers?

Mahisha: Be prepared….know your product, and your market. Most importantly….have passion in what you are selling.

MO: Can you talk a little about your entrepreneurial journey and some of the challenges you encountered along the way? What was the hardest aspect of building the CURLS brand?

Mahisha: Navigating the vendor acquisition process was definitely the hardest part as a start up, independent line. Large, national chains were apprehensive about launching CURLS in their stores. It took years of success + determination to change that climate.

MO: Has your definition of success changed since first launching CURLS over ten years ago?

Mahisha: My definition of success has definitely evolved…it is no longer about how long we have thrived in this ever changing climate, it is now all about how relevant and present we are within our target market.

MO: Congratulations on your upcoming reality show about your life, beautiful family and CURLS empire. What do you hope that the average viewer takes away from the show?

Mahisha: Hope…drive…and hunger to turn around the toughest life dealt circumstances.


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