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“Give your website the BannerView…now your website is your business”

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Mark A. Cenicola is responsible for the company’s vision, direction, and general health. As Chairman, President & CEO he must make sure that an environment is created in which everyone from customers to employees to investors are given the resources they need to prosper and benefit in their relationship with Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises, the parent company of BannerView.com.

BannerView.com is a full service specialist in website development, management and marketing with a focus on small to mid-sized businesses. Twelve years-old, BannerView.com is one of few companies that has developed and offers a proprietary website-building system and software which integrate to help businesses generate business on their websites.

MO: What inspired you to launch BannerView.com?

Mark: It was actually a failure of our first business model. Along the way, we realized we were pretty good at building sophisticated websites and that we could offer that service to small businesses that needed more advanced websites than a simple online brochure. We then set out to create a company that provides all the services necessary to build and run websites under one roof.

MO: How are you enabling small businesses to use their website as a platform?

Mark: We help companies identify the operations critical to their business, and then we see how that fits in with the offering that our BannerOS™ product provides. This enables them to use their website as a platform to service both their customers’ needs and their internal needs. By making their website a critical tool in the operations of their business, by definition it becomes their platform, without which they couldn’t survive.

MO: How can you help your clients maximize their business prospects and revenue opportunities?

Mark: We do so by enabling a company to leverage their website as the foundation that powers their business. The Web, being much more cost effective as well as having a greater reach, enables companies to achieve scale that they couldn’t otherwise achieve. For most businesses, conducting business online can be quite expensive when you factor in the professional services needed to do it right. With the use of BannerOS™ combined with BannerView.com’s implementation services, it saves time and makes it more affordable for small to mid sized businesses.

MO: In what ways has BannerView.com evolved since you first launched 12 years ago?

Mark: BannerView.com has evolved to focus more on how products integrate seamlessly together as opposed to looking at each function independently. This has forced us to streamline our operations and to consider the bigger picture before implementing the finer points. We have also evolved to be more of a specialist in a single platform than generalist among many disparate website management systems. It used to be that we would take on any website project regardless of which technology powered it, now we only service customers on the BannerOS™ platform.

MO: What company accomplishment are you most proud of so far?

Mark: The launch of BannerOS™ is probably the most significant accomplishment to date. As previously mentioned, it has allowed us to focus on a single platform as opposed to being a generalist amongst many. It’s forced us to do the hard work necessary to support the core needs of our small business customers and to create a higher quality product. It also gave us the flexibility to offer an innovative website leasing program that allows small to mid sized businesses get all the tools the need to be successful online at an affordable price.

MO: What advice would you give a business looking to renovate or update their website?

Mark: I would say, “Give your website the BannerView!” Obvious marketing bias aside, first, I’d ask them to identify the functions of their business that can be improved by going to the Web. Once defined, put a value on the benefits they could achieve and then use that value as the measurement against the cost of the solutions required to achieve those benefits. One other thing they need to do, is to separate the direct cost of the software and related services against the future ongoing costs of fully supporting and leveraging their website to achieve their business goals. I want them to realize that there is a big difference between just having a website and one that’s going to add significant value to their business.

MO: Can you talk a bit about your next generation of BannerOS™ and what that will mean for your customers?

Mark: The next generation of BannerOS™ is going to bring to focus the measurements that are most vital to a business understanding how their operations are performing. The product is going to be more goal oriented as opposed to function based, and will be designed in a way to allow business owners to determine if they are performing better or worse and what areas need attention to improve their results. Being able to quickly show a business owner what’s working and what’s not working in their business is going to be a valuable way to help them succeed. It’s no longer just about running a website, their website is their business and the next generation of BannerOS will make that point even clearer.



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