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” I’m analytical by nature, so when marketing started veering into online disciplines, I really found my home.”

Mark Regan currently serves as the chief marketing officer for PowerChord, Inc., a digital marketing agency that connects large brands, independent retail networks, and consumers in a seamless, branded environment. Regan has more than 20 years of experience developing and executing marketing strategies for a diverse range of B2B and B2C organizations. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in leading initiatives for multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, new product launches, and the integration of social media and interactive tools for companies like STIHL, Club Car, Ariens, Gravely and Sylvan Learning.

A self-described digital marketing fanatic, Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Florida and an M.B.A from Duke University.

MO: Tell us about PowerChord. What does PowerChord do?

Mark: We are a digital agency that helps brands manage their online presence and leverage their dealer/distribution base to dominate the Internet landscape in their category. With our unique digital network strategy, we can help brands drive results from the global level down to the local level.


MO: What types of industries does PowerChord focus on? What trends do you see specifically in the space over the next one to two years?

Mark: Hard goods or durables are where most of our clients are today, but that’s changing. We work with the leading industry brands in any vertical to help them extend their brand loyalty by providing a seamless, engaging consumer experience in the digital space.

As for trends, I see the current grassroots effort to shop local gaining ground here in the U.S. Boosted by American Express’ Small Business Saturday and organizations like Independent We Stand, I see a backlash against large online retailers and big-box brands in favor of local merchants. But it can only gain momentum if the small business owner truly adds value. Otherwise it will be perceived as charity.


MO: You have an extensive background in software development and marketing. How have you combined the two to help move PowerChord forward and make it successful?  

Mark: I’m analytical by nature, so when marketing started veering into online disciplines, I really found my home. That sweet spot between technical and marketing is where so much magic happens today. Our team really exploits that space by finding solutions for our clients that pay off much quicker than they’re used to


MO: How does PowerChord help bridge the gap between the brand and its independent dealer network?

Mark: We answer the brand owner’s question: “How do I push out my brand message through my dealer base to the end consumers and ensure the proper digital experience consistently represents the brand from products to pricing to data and imagery?” We do this with our integrated digital strategies specifically designed to leverage the independent retail channel.  These strategies are a turnkey model in the dealers’ eyes, which is critical for the brand to gain adoption. However, it’s customized for each of our clients in order to match the unique initiatives, digital properties, and intricate dealer relationships.

MO: What are a few significant accomplishments and awards that PowerChord has been fortunate to be recognized with and win? 

Mark: We’re sometimes called a boutique agency, but that may be due to our small staff size (currently at 40). In reality, our staff handles the digital marketing efforts of large brands throughout the U.S. and Europe. This growth has been recognized by Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Fast 50 and Inc.’s 5000 in 2012, as well as in earlier years. While we appreciate the awards we have won over the years, we feel our biggest accomplishment is in providing a dynamic work environment for digital marketers and software developers, which truly drives the business of our clients.

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