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“Blurring the lines of work and play, we help you work less and play more!”

Matthew Clark is the founder and Director of Business Development at Damang Media Group. Damang initially started as a graphic design shop in 1998 and has evolved into an all encompassing media solution provider.

Damang Media Group is helping clients utilize technology to allow businesses and staff to have more time, more revenue and less IT infrastructure. “Teaching business to work less and play more”. They offer cloud computing solutions, Google Apps Training and Migration, and Inbound Marketing strategies for the SMB.

Matthew Clark, Damang Media Group - Founder & Director of Business Development

MO: How has the company evolved from being a graphic design shop to a solution provider?

Matthew: I would say adapting to clients’ needs and also evolving our business to meet the lifestyle we demanded for ourselves and the people we work with. We all spend a lot of time at work so we like to blur the lines of work and play!

MO: What are the most common mistakes you see companies making and how can they avoid them?

Matthew: In regards to technology it is complicating the system to much. Technology has evolved to help us get more done in less time, however for most businesses they find themselves less productive with each new technology adopted. The best way to avoid this is to look at the whole process and find where the recurring problems are and what the cause is.

MO: How do you help your clients work less and play more?

Matthew: This is done in two steps, one find the bottle necks in their current technology work flow, and two is to develop some strategies based on input from everyone to bring some play into the workplace. We like to think companies that play together stay together.

MO: Why have you suggested in your blog that people should forget real time email responses?

Matthew: Part of the problem with technology and why many of us say we don’t get as much done is that we let technology control us instead of us controlling it. We answer all the bells and chimes from our computer, tablet or mobile phone. Part of the process of becoming more productive is to unplug from it. Hence, don’t have one eye on email waiting to flip back and read an email as soon as it comes in. Remember the movie “Up”? You know how the dogs would always lose focus and say “Squirrel” every time something caught their eye; this is how a lot of people are with email. We hope to help people let go of that!

MO: What’s your favorite social media tool?

Matthew: My favorite is Hootsuite works well to track things and to respond to customers questions comments etc.

MO: What personal or professional achievement are you most proud of so far?

Matthew: As a hobby I used to coach football, and one of my goals was to coach at the professional level. I spent the 2010 season with the Calgary Stampeders which is a professional football team here in Canada and part of the CFL. That was big, but once achieved it pales in comparison to my children, they remind me each day of our motto here at Damang Media Group “work less and play more”.

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