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“Our products find a unique balance between style and function.”

Matthew Gordon is the President and CEO of Gordon Group, a holding company for multiple ecommerce businesses, including Avanti Systems. AvantiSystemsUSA supplies and installs architectural glass wall and glass door systems. Inspired by European interior design, Avanti Glass Systems profile a slim line appearance with frameless panels and sleek metallic hardware. The glass portions are manufactured using high-grade glass materials and assembled with premium-grade hardware. With over 25 years of experience, Avanti delivers some of the best world-class glass systems for offices and commercial spaces.

MO: Tell us more about Avanti Systems.

Matthew: Avanti Systems is the architect’s first choice for glass solutions. We offer a full line of European internal partitions and operable wall solutions that cater to architects looking to add a bit of luxury to their commercial projects. We pride ourselves on not being the “typical” glass manufacturer. Our goal is to help designers and architects deliver their imaginations.


MO: What inspired you to bring European glass to the United States?

Matthew: The European market has always been so far ahead of the domestic market in glass that there was a huge opportunity. When developing my current office, I was actually searching for the types of internal partitions I was accustomed to seeing in London, and there was no one in the U.S. who produced the quality glass I was looking for.

MO: What are the benefits of your core product in the architectural realm?

Matthew: Whether you need great acoustics for increased productivity or privacy walls for sensitivity, we can help you. We have glass that can darken with the touch of a button, glass that’s good for the environment, and glass that’s free-standing and won’t impede your existing architecture. Glass is a great way to open up a room and soften an area, and it can also serve lots of functional purposes.

MO: What separates you from your competitors?

Matthew: Our products find a unique balance between style and function. We provide the sophistication that our clients have come to expect while offering award-winning service and quality. We are confident that we can make any project look, sound, and function better. Let us inspire you! 

MO: What are some tips you can offer about choosing glass in architectural design?

Matthew: When choosing glass, it’s important to think of the many types of glass and how they will function within the environment. There are a lot of options when you consider color, thickness, and texture. Start thinking with your function in mind; while a thin glass wall might make your ideal conference room, stop and think, “Will this acoustically be the right solution?” Are there items you don’t want heard in the hallway? Does the selection of colored glass work with the framing? Is it complementary to the aesthetic of its surroundings?

MO: What are some emerging trends you’re excited about within your industry?

Matthew: Emerging technology is giving architects, owners, and construction experts the ability to see a project from a 3D perspective during the design phase with BIM models. The prevalence of LEED and the sustainable movement within the industry are also exciting. I’m also proud of the quality and low haze of LCD glass that’s being offered now. Much better products are on the market, and these products perfectly fit the aesthetic of design trends. The clean lines reflect so much of what is happening online, and the industry is making transparency in workplaces a reality.

MO: Where do you see Avanti Systems in the next five years?

Matthew: We see Avanti continuing to innovate and be a leader for high-end glass solutions in the U.S. market and beyond. We keep developing new products and adding to our existing line; we’re excited to meet the market’s demands and anticipate some unexpected needs before our customers even do.


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