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I realized relocating to a new city is a very stressful event as there are many issues to be dealt with in a very short time frame.

Mauro Repacci is no stranger to the daunting moving process. He’s lived in six different cities within Brazil, the United States, and Canada. Mauro’s struggles with relocating to unfamiliar places served as the springboard for Navut.

Navut is a unique set of online tools that breaks the mold of traditional solutions of finding a new home and choosing a neighborhood. Before Navut, people wasted too much time searching by price and property type and ended up moving to areas that didn’t match their lifestyle.

The Navut team has reversed and simplified the process of finding a home, and other needed services, by taking into account each person’s needs and preferences and directing them to the best neighborhood. Navut is a one-stop, easy, and unbiased source of information for anyone faced with the intimidating experience of moving to a new area.

BusinessInterviews.com:  Can you share how a series of challenging moves helped plant the seed for Navut?

Mauro:  When I first came to Montreal, I was living in a less than desirable neighborhood, paying way too much. I was new to the city, and didn’t know how much I should be paying and which neighborhoods would fit my needs and lifestyle.

BusinessInterviews.com:  Can you talk about the development process from first having the idea to actually taking it to market and any challenges you faced along the way?

Before having the idea for Navut, I moved many times and lived in 5 different cities in 3 countries. I realized relocating to a new city is a very stressful event as there are many issues to be dealt with in a very short timeframe. At the same time, I realized it was also a huge opportunity as millions of people move and they have to change several services without having knowledge of local brands.

– I started crafting a product that would be an one-stop shop for someone relocating to a new city.

– Once the wireframes and market research were done, I started building the team starting with the other founders (add bio)

– Then we built an alpha version of the product that was tested by hundreds of people and allowed us to make major changes (design overhaul, algorithm improvements, etc).

– Once again, the prototype was put to test and many changes were made until we were comfortable with the product.

– After that, we started to commercialize the product to merchants (we are a two sided marketplace) and looking for seed funding

BusinessInterviews.com:  Can you walk us through the process of using your innovative matchmaking technology for a first time user?

Mauro: Say I was new to the city and was looking for a neighborhood to move to. I would enter my price range and the characteristics that are important to me. Say I was looking for a neighborhood that’s safe and close to a good elementary school. We’ll match you to 5 neighborhood based on that criteria. All the neighborhoods have a profile with a biography and pictures, we’ll also show you properties that are available that match your criteria.

BusinessInterviews.com:  How have you managed to gain such an impressive amount of traction in a relatively short period of time?

Mauro: It is all about testing as many options until finding your sweet spot. We are always trying hundreds of user acquisition strategies, measuring results based on our key metrics and re-evaluating the strategy accordingly. Most of our traffic is now organic and we found the best way to get traction is to create content that is relevant to our audience and a product that actually solves their problem.

BusinessInterviews.com:  Do you have any plans for expanding beyond Canada in the near future?

Mauro:  Yes, after Canada we plan on launching cities in the United States. We’ve already had interest from investors to launch some cities overseas.

BusinessInterviews.com:  What’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learned since first launching?

Mauro: The most important thing is to have smart people committed to the project to help you. Start-up is about resilience as there are many ups and downs and you need the right team for it.

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