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“A memorable event is not determined by the event budget, but rather the amount of creativity that can be utilized.”

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Memorable Events by Apryl, LLC is a full service event planning and design company specializing in weddings and social events. Under the direction of Apryl Roberts, MEBA opened its doors to provide clients with professional guidance, support and a fresh approach to event planning.

Apryl’s consummate affinity for style and keen eye for novel designs have earned her praise amongst clients and colleagues. Her infectious positive demeanor and acute attention to detail enables Apryl to provide the most enjoyable planning/event experiences for her clients.

MO: Prior to starting MEBA, you worked in the Entertainment and Insurance Industries. What inspired you to make the leap into event planning? What transferrable skills from your previous roles have been the most useful?

Apryl: While working in the entertainment industry, I assisted with meeting planning which transitioned in small events for the company. Soon, colleagues and family asked me to assist in planning their events. When I started working in the insurance industry, I was in charge of planning monthly events for our office. Both industries helped me to hone in on my multitasking and organizational skills. The event planning requires me to be very detail-oriented, organized while maintaining the ability to multitask.

MO: What are the key elements to hosting a successful and memorable event on a low budget?

Apryl: The key elements to hosting a successful and memorable event on a low budget are research and creativity. Most people do not have the time and/or patience to research options regarding venues, vendors and décor ideas. You have to do your research or “shop around” to really see what options are available to you. With that said, you have to sometimes be creative. I do not like doing the “norm.” I believe that each event should contain a bit of the client’s personality. This can be achieved by incorporating everyday items that may be found around the home and/or craft items. Do not overlook the simple things around you. A lot of times, less is more!

MO: What is the Swizzle Stick Social?

Apryl: The Swizzle Stick Social is an annual event that I host for young girls within the age range of 6-12 years old. The purpose of the event is to promote sisterhood, self-growth, and community service among our young girls. The event consists of lunch, workshops, guest speakers and of course fun! I try to have the event at a different venue each year so that the young ladies can be exposed to different experiences.

MO: You offer both PR Services and Event Planning. How do you juggle between those two roles and maintain a balance?

Apryl: It is not very difficult for me to handle both. Most of the PR campaigns utilize events, so the event planning side is a natural fit. Organization for me is the key. I do maintain a daily schedule of tasks for both sides of the house (my Blackberry and iPad aid in the execution of these tasks). I believe that I am able to maintain a balance by setting realistic goals for myself. I will not take on a certain number of PR clients at a given time. I realize that I am only one person and do not want to overextend myself and not be able to offer my clients the attention and service that they deserve. I do also have a staff that is dedicated to the PR side of the house and staff that strictly assist with the event planning in addition to college interns that I take on during the year.

MO: What are three trends in your industry that you’re currently excited by?

Apryl: I am currently excited about the use of social media and technology in events. Long gone are the days of manually signing in attendees for meetings/conference. Attendees can now be registered via iPad and/or smartphones with different apps that are available. The increased use of technology also coincides with the trend of eco-events. The use of technology helps to eliminate wastes in events. I will soon be taking a course to learn more about hosting “green” events. The last trend that I am excited about it is the increased use of bold colors for décor. More and more clients are now open to using color schemes that are loud and bold. This personal customization of their theme is truly making each event unique.

MO: If you had unlimited resources what type of event or party would you most like to host or plan?

Apryl: If I had unlimited resources, I would love to host or plan the Official Grammys Awards After-party. The mood is celebratory and festive and each year the theme changes dramatically. Since I got my start in the entertainment industry, it would be a way of paying homage to the industry that opened my eyes to the world of planning. This event always boasts over-the-top designs and decor that pushes the envelope of industry standards at times! I would love the challenge and experience.


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