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“We offer a new solution for businesses to increase their visibility online and further enhance their marketing goals without spending their entire marketing budget.”

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Logical Position (LP) is a full-service digital marketing firm offering an entire suite of tools and services to help businesses build and increase their online visibility. Founded in 2010, the firm experienced 400 percent revenue growth and 300 percent employee growth in 2011 despite recession challenges. The firm’s roughly 44 full-time employees offer search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click (PPC) marketing and website design to more than 600 clients.

MO: What are 3 social media tips a small business could start implementing today?

Michael: 1. Provide useful content – Your content is essentially your ad. Position yourself as the authority on the subject.

2. Use the data – There is a lot of data available. Use it to benchmark. Benchmark as much as you can.

3. It’s a marathon not a sprint – Have clear goals both short and long term. Don’t give up on them.

MO: Can you talk about your newest service, TotalLink Online and what makes it unique?

Michael: TotalLink Online was the first of its kind to be launched in Ore. It is a semi-automation tool that offers customizable online advertising programs in Google, Bing and Yahoo! The tool lowers setup and management fees by allowing clients to complete much of the work themselves. However, all keywords, bids and creative are reviewed by LP’s certified Google AdWords and Microsoft specialists — providing advanced strategies, like sophisticated bidding and match-type selection, not typically available to clients with lower budgets. We offer a new solution for businesses to increase their visibility online and further enhance their marketing goals without spending their entire marketing budget.

MO: You’ve seen a 63% active client growth rate since the start of 2012. What do you attribute your impressive growth to? Why are you thriving when other companies are barely getting by?

Michael: I would definitely attribute a lot of our success to referrals. We make sure to do a great job with our first clients, so that they pass on our name to others. Initial client base is where it starts, and then you can move on from there with increased reporting and referral programs.

Another key factor to our success lies in our employees. My advice to new business owners is hire well. By hiring interesting people, you will automatically draw other interesting people. LP’s current staff is awesome only because our original staff was awesome!

MO: How do you think that monitoring your business growth on a daily basis contributes to your success?

Michael: We started monitoring our net client growth in the very beginning, and have not stopped since, because it is helpful for everyone and truly has been a strong factor in our success. Not only do the executives find tracking tools essential for strategy, we motivate our sales staff with tracking as well. We have a large visual board front and center on the wall that tracks our progress in the customer service room. Whenever there is a new sale we mark the board. It plays a huge role in motivating our employees, and especially our customer service personal.

MO: What’s the biggest risk that you’ve ever taken and how did it turn out?

Michael: The biggest risk I’ve ever taken would have to be leaving a steady sales career to start this business. It was a huge leap of faith. I am so thankful that I followed my instincts, because this business has been such a success. I never think back to the safety of my previous employment and wish I was still there. I’m where I want to be now and I’m not going anywhere!

MO: Is it possible for a start-up on a tight budget to boost their SEO without hiring an agency?

Michael: Absolutely! I would say to start with Google Places, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. SEO is a popularity contest so you have to get your name out there. Also make sure to enter your business information in a uniform manner…ie if you use dashes for your phone number, enter it the same way on all of the directories. Blogs can be great too but you must commit to it regularly and be disciplined with your postings.

Also get involved with local professional groups, especially if there are digital marketing networks in your area. Go to a few workshops and seminars. Socialize with this new group of people. You would be surprised about how many tips you can pick up at a networking event.



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