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“Make sure the retailers you visit online or in-store are reputable and have testimonials from their customers.”


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My Trio Rings leverages four generations of experience from the diamond industry to give brides and grooms access to diamond engagement and wedding rings at prices that are 65% off other brand named high-priced retailers!

The company sells authentic gold and diamonds and makes online shopping risk free with free shipping, no-fee layaway, free returns, and certificates of authenticity with every purchase. Since its inception the company has served thousands of brides and grooms and has been covered by publications such as CNN, Yahoo, Forbes, ABC and CBS among others!

MO: How did the two of you meet and what inspired you to launch a company together?

Punit & Vipul: We first met while at Northeastern University, both students lacking a real challenge with our classes. We both had the entrepreneurial streak in our past and so we decided over drinks to team up and pursue an idea one of us had been baking for a while. It all started with that first venture that we began in college which we ran for the next three years!

MO: Combined you have launched over 6 startups. Where do your entrepreneurial spirits come from and in what ways do you complement each other professionally?

Punit & Vipul: Our startups have spanned the realms of Web applications, eCommerce and mobile technology but through all of those, our main inspiration has always been to create technology driven products and services that save our customers time and money. Vipul is the operations focused partner while Punit focuses on the marketing aspects of the business. Each of us has strengths in the other partner’s arena which helps us bounce ideas off one another to come up with the most effective strategies.

MO: How does My Trio Rings leverage four generations of know how to provide brides and grooms with access to diamond engagement and wedding rings at impressively reduced prices?

Punit: Vipul and his family have been involved in the diamond industry for over 40 years. The experience they’ve gained in diamond cutting, jewelry manufacturing and distribution have positioned them among the world’s best companies in the industry. This has given us strengths to minimize costs and maximize efficiency of producing and selling diamond engagement and wedding rings. When paired with our knowledge of eCommerce we’re able to pass these cost savings, sometimes 65% off MSRP, directly to consumers! Our diamond rings are designed not to break the bank while giving a customer the most bling for their buck!

MO: What tips would you pass onto someone who is currently in the market for an engagement ring? What should they be looking for to ensure that they’re getting a quality product at a fair price?

Punit & Vipul: Just like anything else, do your homework. Learn about the 4 C’s of diamonds and know what you want in order to compare apples to apples. Make sure the retailers you visit online or in-store are reputable and have testimonials from their customers. If the retailer is legitimate they should provide you with a certificate of authenticity. Whether you’re shopping at high-priced stores and retailers or a more affordable store like ours, you have to set a budget. The idea that you have to spend 2.5x your monthly salary on a ring is a rumor created by high-end jewelers to justify increasing their prices while consumer’s salaries increased over the decades. Check out the My Trio Rings blog which focuses exclusively on tips like these to save money and time while you shop for your diamond engagement and wedding rings.

MO: What services do you offer your customers that set you apart from the competition?

Punit & Vipul: My Trio Rings offer free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee which allows a customer to buy the ring they like risk free. Buying online can be a scary thing for many people and this policy makes sure that they don’t end up with a ring they don’t like. A lot of our customers also elect to pay by layaway plan which helps them make sure the ring they like doesn’t sell out by the time they can afford the ring. The no-fee plan lets customers break down payments into weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments till they are able to pay off the purchase! These are just a few of the programs we run but Certificates of Authenticity and a Warranty program also helps customers feel confident in their purchase from us!

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for My Trio Rings?

Punit & Vipul: We recently released videos of each of our diamond rings which helps our customers get to see the diamonds from different angles. This is a rare thing to find in our industry and we’re glad to be pioneering it. We’re now planning to release a number of new ring styles at the same affordable price range and planning on a number of new upgrades to our online store that will allow for customization and streamlined mobile shopping!


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