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It is when the times are most tough, you deliver your best!

Neha Modgil, through her love for UX design has set a commendable benchmark as a woman entrepreneur. Beginning her journey as a consultant she grew as a person who understood the importance of designing user-centered websites. With immense vigor, she set up a company called Techved Consulting in the year 2007. Housing the strength of 100 employees till date, the entire team thrives to work on the principles that Neha believes in.

Today, Techved Consulting is a leading “Global Usability & Design Company” in Southeast Asia with extensive experience and providing whole host of Usability Services. We have extended our services to various sectors and are well-known in BFSI, eCommerce, eLearning, Healthcare, Telecom and Electronics. We stay a step ahead of the emerging UX trends by co-creating exceptional solutions with a combination of creativity, strategy and excellent execution.

BusinessInterviews.com: What inspired you to launch your business?

Neha Modgil: I would call my marriage and motherhood as an inspiration. The business launch happened because I got married, had a kid and I knew that nobody would be interested in giving me a job anymore. Rather than putting my career to a standstill, I began working as a freelancer on some major projects. As I grew professionally, I began hiring other freelancers which in turn grew into a firm and today Techved is one of the leading UX/UI agency serving global clients. I believe that business is like a baby. In fact, with my own baby and a business to run, I felt like taking care of twins at a time. Managing the business has been quite tough but I’m happy that it has paid off quite well.

BusinessInterviews.com:   Do you have any recent success stories that you’d like to share with our readers?

Neha Modgil: Our business works on references and to have retained number of clients in these many years itself is a huge success. For us, retention is success. It is when we find clients saying, ‘Techved’s suggestions are our highest priority’ and the way they introduce us to their team as the doctors who will cure the website with usability. Success, to me has never been monetary but the love of clients and I feel honored by the trust they have in us.

BusinessInterviews.com:  What issue does your core product help solve and how so?

Neha Modgil: Our services help in diagnosing why your online conversion rates are low. To do so, we follow User centered design methodology. Value proposition is our highest priority.

BusinessInterviews.com:   What has been your biggest challenge as a business owner and how have you met that challenge?

Neha Modgil: The fact that I’m a woman trying to convince male dominated industries like BFSI to buy our services. It gets challenging to make them understand about the kind of services that my company offers and the benefits that are going to come along. Luckily, through high quality delivery standards this myth was broken.

BusinessInterviews.com:  What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs and business owners? What do you wish someone told you?

Neha Modgil: I wish someone had told me, “Keep your calm, everything will be alright.” There will be plenty of ups and downs that you are going to face, but bracing yourselves for the good times to come is the only mantra. To all the aspiring entrepreneurs, my one advice would be to keep your focus on growth and not get hassled by petty issues.


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