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“When you change your beliefs, you change your results.”

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Nikkea B. Devida is known as an Accelerated Results Business Mentor who specializes in getting fast results that last. She is gifted at getting to the root cause of a problem and seeing the fastest path to a lasting, sustainable solution.

Nikkea is your “go to” resource on what to do when willpower, affirmations & positive thinking aren’t enough and teaches you how to become a manifesting machine. She’s the undisputed expert on accelerated results because of how she’s blended the latest discoveries in science, spirituality, and energy psychology with bottom line business, systems and marketing skills to create fast results that last. Her clients call her their “secret weapon” to becoming unstoppable!

Nikkea B. Devida, Peregrine InSight Group, LLC - Owner

MO: What inspired you to launch Peregrine InSight Group, LLC?

Nikkea: Originally, my husband and I created this company together as a business consulting practice for entrepreneurs of middle market sized companies over $1 million in revenue. The name “Peregrine” was inspired by my husband’s love of falcons and birds of prey, especially the Peregrine falcon, which is known for its speed and agility. It’s the fastest animal in the world, has keen eyesight, and is among the most effective, efficient, and elegant hunters. I loved the name, too, because I graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy and our mascot was the falcon. I was also an officer in the U.S. Air Force doing project management, logistics and operations work (I was too short to be a pilot!) before entering the corporate business arena. Also, I was born on December 17, which was Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first day of flight. So, flight metaphors have always inspired and resonated with me. Together, my husband and I made a great consulting team. Typically, my husband would work with the CEO on leadership, marketing, and personnel issues, and I would work on organizational development, project management, and systems and operational issues. But over time, we both realized that we loved serving different ideal clients, so now we have two separate businesses that we love. And both of them still have “Peregrine” in the name.

MO: Why have you decided to focus on serving, “heart centered entrepreneurs” who want to make money doing what they love?

Nikkea: For many reasons. First, I know the pain of working so hard to build a successful business, only to realize that you created a successful business you don’t love, don’t like, or even hate. It’s the “golden handcuffs” of your own making! Most entrepreneurs go into business for the freedom, the flexibility, and the ability to control our own destiny. There’s almost nothing worse than creating a successful business where you feel trapped and unfulfilled, even though it’s making money. It took a lot of courage, trust, and faith when my husband and I decided to really tell our truth about our business after realizing that we really wanted to serve diametrically opposed clients. For me, I wanted to not only do work that I loved, but also to serve clients I loved. I realized I wanted to work with other entrepreneurs who were very much like me. They are passionate, spiritually-minded individuals whose work feels like an expression of their life purpose. They want to make a big impact and a positive difference in the world doing what they love, and who want to make great money doing it. For me, I can’t think of a better, more inspiring population of people with high integrity, drive and talent to serve and surround myself with.

MO: What exactly does an Accelerated Results Business Mentor do? What happens in an initial consultation with a client?

Nikkea: Bottom line, I help clients get better, faster results that last…without the struggle. HOW we do that depends on where they’re stuck and need support. So what happens in an initial consultation, which I call an Accelerated Results Momentum Session, is that we explore and discover the root cause and core of the problem (not just the symptom). This happens through a very precise set of questions to guide the interview process where we identify the most strategic thing they can do to completely resolve that problem and achieve a breakthrough that will give them the biggest quantum leap to create lasting, sustainable results. Then, we map out the plan of action and begin to implement the solution!

MO: What inspired you to create the Accelerated Change Template (ACT)? How does it work?

Nikkea: What initially inspired me emerged out of overcoming my own struggle to overcome a 13 year eating disorder, bulimia. After trying all the traditional methods of change, I turned to non-traditional, alternative methods. While many of those left me “feeling good”, none of them produced lasting results. It was only after I started studying the brain, the mind and the latest research in neuroscience that I discovered that often times the root cause of our results is our beliefs, particularly our subconscious beliefs. After I learned to identify and change my subconscious limiting beliefs into empowering ones, I overcame the eating disorder. When I applied these techniques to other areas of my life, I got faster, easier results in those areas, too. When I began working with others, they got lasting results, too. That’s when I knew I was on to something, and that I had to get it out to more people…especially my ideal clients. So my desire to teach and share this work with others to overcome their own challenges faster and easier is what inspired me to completely systemize the subconscious belief change process into a step by step system that I call ACT™, the Accelerated Change Template™.

So, when willpower, affirmations and positive thinking aren’t enough, there are 5 simple steps to get unstuck and get results fast. With ACT™, you can identify and change your subconscious beliefs as easily as editing a word processing document. You edit. You save. And you’re done. You can “reprogram” new supportive beliefs into your subconscious mind in minutes…guaranteed.

MO: What are some ways that individuals can identify a root cause of a problem and find a lasting, sustainable solution?

Nikkea: There are several ways to answer this, and there are many levels and layers involved. The fastest, easiest way is to give you a basic equation to use as a foundation of understanding:

Beliefs →Thoughts→Feelings→Actions = Results

Your beliefs lead to your thoughts, which lead to your feelings, which drive your actions, which create your results. When you change your beliefs, you change your results.

So, when you look at the results you’re creating in your life, if there’s an area where you’re unsatisfied with your results, you need to go to further to the left of the equation and look at your actions. There are several aspects to evaluate whether or not you are taking the actions necessary to achieve your results.

1) If you know the right actions to take, but you’re not taking them, then you most definitely need to go further to the left of the equation to identify and change your subconscious beliefs. That’s because your subconscious mind processes at a speed and capacity of 4 billion bits of information per second compared to the conscious mind, which only processes at 2000 bits of information per second. When you get your subconscious beliefs in alignment with your goals, it’s much easier to achieve the results you desire more quickly and without the struggle. [If you’d like more information about this, please visit www.fastresultsformula.com/4gifts to receive four valuable (4) gifts completely free of charge and with no obligation.]

2) If you don’t know the right actions to take, then you need to find the right information and education about how to take the right actions. Once you learn what to do and how to do it to take the right actions, then you either implement and get the results, or, if you have trouble taking action and following through, you’re back to #1 above.

MO: Can you tell our readers a bit about the new brand you’re about to launch?

Nikkea: Sure. It’s truly my desire to help heart-centered entrepreneurs and change agents ready to step up and play a bigger game who want to get unstuck and who want to make great money and a big impact doing what they love. In order to serve these entrepreneurs, most of whom are very smart, motivated women with home based businesses who offer services that feel like an expression of their purpose (or want to), I’m launching a new brand called “The Soaring Entrepreneur: Serve with Honor. Prosper with Pride. Fly to Freedom. ™” I offer information, products, programs and services to help these socially conscious entrepreneurs and change agents fulfill their ultimate dream of having a business that they love that’s an expression of their life purpose so they can do the work they feel they’re meant to do. I’m proud to say that this brand totally embodies all that I’ve learned over the years and distilled into my Fast Results Formula™, which has been renamed the Vision to Results Formula™. It has all the elements I love, too, because it reflects my passion for my business message as well as my love of music (I’m a singer/songwriter) and aerial arts (I’m a former gymnast).

I’m excited to share this with my ideal clients to help them make great money doing what they love and help their businesses really take off! . [If you’d like more information about this, please visit www.fastresultsformula.com/4gifts to receive four valuable (4) gifts completely free of charge and with no obligation.]

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