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“Nine hot trends that are making for successful businesses!”

Are you looking to start a business in 2012?

Here are nine hot trends that are making for successful businesses!

Mobile services – People that come to you to make your life easier! That can be food, your dirty dishes, or snacks. Examples: Food trucks, Domystuff.com, green/healthy snack vendors.

Indulge services – Places you can go for a cheap(er) splurge. Examples: blow-dry salons, cupcakes, frozen yogurt.

Housing market – Hundreds of thousands of homes are sitting empty, yet still need minor upkeep. Examples: cleaning services, lawn care, and paint. (Also, don’t forget about the growing renter market.)

Health care / aging population – As the baby boomers age (and everyone else), we get a little slower and a little less mobile. Give them a hand. Examples: transportation, daily help, shopping/grocery help.

Cheap things to do – local tours, discount companies, or sites recommending a local area’s attractions.

Apps – There might be an app for everything, but there is still room for yours.

Social Media – A recent survey found that 47% of small businesses aren’t on social media yet. Do you spend all your unemployed days checking out social media? Why not get paid for it?

Retail / Made it yourself? – While ebay and amazon are great, also try the made it yourself site www.etsy.com or even buying and selling items on craigslist.

Consulting – Are you already knowledgeable in a particular field? Or do you have the time to learn something new? Try consulting. Examples: college counseling services, tutor/education help, and translation services.

Bonus Tips for getting started! Things to keep in mind when starting a business:

Keep the end goal in mind: do you want to grow to be a national company, or simply pay your bills?

Are you in for the long-haul? Have you been upfront with your customers about how long you are planning on being in business? Are you going to bail on them when a more stable job comes along?

Are you willing to accept a lower wage? Some money is better than none, and with a little help, businesses can easily become automated leaving you with more free time.

The biggest thing for most people is that they don’t have the time to do things. Whether that is washing their own dishes, or planning their next vacation, most people don’t mind paying someone to do something they don’t have the time to think about. Learn something new and turn it into a business!

Don’t forget, anything green!

Good luck! And don’t forget, Entrepreneurs are welcome here at Mycorporation.com

Written by William G Wysong, Legal Intern to Deborah Sweeney, CEO MyCorporation.com

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