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“To age well on the outside, we must address aging on the inside, and that all comes down to our cells – and the telomeres that keep them healthy.”

Noel Thomas Patton is the founder and CEO of T.A. Sciences, a company dedicated exclusively to creating research-based, clinically tested wellness products that help address cellular aging through the science of telomerase activation. To learn more about T.A. Sciences and its portfolio of products, visit www.tasciences.com, or follow on Facebook or Twitter.

T.A. Sciences® is the first healthcare company dedicated exclusively to creating research-based, clinically tested wellness products that help address cellular aging through the science of telomerase activation. Built upon a foundation strongly grounded in scientific evidence, T.A. Sciences® is widely recognized as the leader in the field of telomere biology.

By harnessing the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of how the enzyme telomerase impacts telomere length, T.A. Sciences® developed TA-65®,an all-natural, plant-based compound which can help maintain or rebuild telomeres that diminish as people age. TA-65MD® nutritional supplements are the first in a line of products based on the TA-65® compound.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you tell our readers a bit about science behind Telomere Biology and how it works?

Noel: Telomeres are the tiny caps that cover each strand of our DNA. Think of them like the plastic tips at the end of your shoelaces—when those plastic tips wear down, your shoelaces become frayed and no longer work as well. Telomeres function in a similar fashion, by protecting the DNA that make up our genes and allowing our cells to function and reproduce properly.

Each time our cells reproduce, our telomeres get shorter, and when they get too short, cells will age and die or become senescent (stop functioning properly). This shortening of our telomeres is the main cause of age-related breakdown in our cells. Cells that reproduce the most – such those in the skin, lungs and parts of our immune system – are most affected by telomere shortening. Poor lifestyle choices, such as an unhealthy diet, psychological stress or lack of exercise can also affect telomere length.

The good news is that there is scientific proof that telomeres can be lengthened. In 2009, a group of scientists was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for their discovery of how telomerase, an enzyme found in the body, impacts telomere length. Further research indicates that, by activating telomerase, we may be able to slow, stop or perhaps even reverse the telomere shortening that happens as we age.


BusinessInterviews.com: What challenges did you encounter from first having the breakthrough to getting it to market?

Noel: While we developed our breakthrough product in 2002, before getting it to market, it was critical to perform thorough testing to verify safety and efficacy, determine the best manufacturing processes and identify the highest quality manufacturers. We also had to develop supply chain efficiency as vast quantities of plant material are required to produce each bottle of TA-65®. All of this took until 2007 before we could actually get the product to market.

BusinessInterviews.com: Where does your passion for anti-aging medicine come from?

Noel: My passion for anti-aging medicine was initially sparked by a speech from Professor Jerry Shay of the University of Texas Southwest, who discussed a naturally occurring enzyme called telomerase that in lab experiments was able to make human cells “immortal.” After that lecture, I asked the professor how I could get some of that “immortalization stuff”. After a short laugh, Prof. Shay said the University had licensed all their patents to a leading California biotech company, so I immediately contacted, and ultimately invested in that company. From one day to the next, I stepped into the exciting new world of Telomere Biology. My investment funded further research on telomeres and telomerase, which led to the discovery of the cellular rejuvenation properties of my company’s proprietary compound, TA-65®.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some emerging trends that you’re excited about?

Noel: I’m excited to see further research being done to learn more about telomeres, especially when this research is shared through the mainstream media so that the public can understand how telomeres play a role in their health. It’s incredible to see telomeres becoming “trendy!” People now understand that to age well on the outside, we must address aging on the inside, and that all comes down to our cells – and the telomeres that keep those cells healthy.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s a lesson that you’ve learned about being a pioneer in your field?

Noel: In the initial stages of any important breakthrough, there will be skeptics until the scientific community has been educated. The lesson I have learned in being a pioneer in the field is that we must lead in educating the medical community and how they look at the aging process. We are pleased to be adding to the growing body of published studies on Telomere Biology, which, including those on TA-65® specifically, has rapidly grown to more than 8,000 to date. The benefits of telomerase activation are now backed by science and data. It is our mission to continue educating the medical community.

BusinessInterviews.com: What insights have you gained when it comes to building a brand from scratch?

Noel: A brand is a promise of value. Our brand equity begins and ends with the TA-65® product and its impact on the thousands of people regularly using it. Word of mouth endorsements have driven our growth and created brand awareness. I’ve also learned that external forces can affect your business, such as the award of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for work on telomerase, which created additional inertia. When customers understand telomere biology and feel the benefits of taking TA-65®, they strongly advocate the product to friends and family.

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