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10 ways to use online video in your daily sales routine.

written by MO.com Subject Matter Expert Robert Weiss

Marketers and business owners can’t deny that online video   is catching on in a big way. And if you are already using video marketing content  you know that it has helped your company generate leads and drive sales. You know that it lets people, who use the Internet to find and research for products and services, quickly understand your products and service while building personal connections. You know that web video marketing content can build trust, showcase products, communicate personality, be shared and easily consumed by busy decision makers.

However, many companies merely put their video on their website rather than use this high-power marketing asset in their every day sales and marketing activities. In addition to your website and YouTube, here are 10 ways to leverage your online video production  to bump up your ROI and give you the most out of your video marketing investment.

1. Improve SEO ranking by creating a page for each video as well as a video gallery – Google knows that consumers get the most amount of information and can make the best decisions by watching web video and therefore gives higher rankings to online video that is tagged and coordinated with contextual SEO (video improves first page rankings up to 53xs better according to Forrester )

2. As a follow up to telemarketing – develop qualified leads and differentiate from your competition by your sales team leave messages that let the customer know you will be sending them a video (filled with you key value propositions) – for example, “we will follow this up with and email that has a 1:25 second video for your review…”

3. Social media channels – Social channels LOVE video! Add the word VIDEO as the first word in your post to let your networks know there is an online video. Send through all your social channels like LinkedIn YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest and get everyone in your company to share, like and comment from these platforms. YouTube, owned by Google puts more emphasis on the Google+ button than the ‘Like’.

4. In preparation of a sales call – two days before your appointment send related online video marketing content to give your prospect more information about your products and services. The more they know the better questions they will have and a more advanced sales prospect you will have.

5. In your email marketing campaigns – click thru rates of emails that contain video average 32% (according to Flimp Video) than ones that do not. Most email marketing platforms allow you to easily embed a video and can track who is watching them.

6. Add video to your blog – summarize your video in a few paragraphs and upload video. Your blog will see many SEO benefits from adding your corporate online video production.

7. eMail signature – add both a video thumbnail image and direct URL link to your video and watch your views go up and up. This is a great place to link to a personal video bio.

8. Direct mail – create a QR code that links to your video so customers will have more engagement with you traditional marketing. You will be able to track the engagement and effectiveness of your direct mail pieces by tracking your video views.

9. Landing pages – landing pages with short videos increases conversion by 32% (according to Eyeview Digital) at a higher rate than landing pages without video, but make the video appropriate to the goal of conversion.

10. During the sales call – let videos of your technical and implementation teams, customer service reps, and customer testimonials do the selling for you. Do less talking and more educating customers about the expertise of the people that will be implementing the client’s solutions.

From getting found on search engines to developing qualified leads and paying customers, online video production, or website video marketing, builds personal connections and improves conversion across all points of the sales cycle.

So if you don’t already have online video marketing content in the hands of your sales and marketing teams the sooner you do the sooner you will realize how impactful video content is to your lead generation and sales objectives.


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