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“We cater to the Authors individual needs.”

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With PDMI Publishing Solutions you can expect the highest quality in design, editing, formatting, account building, customer service, and affordable plans to meet your individual needs on a budget. Not only can you expect such services but can also expect our going green publishing solutions. The Personal Publisher for Direct Author Support.

Perceive, Design, Manage, Integrate

MO: Can you talk about taking the dream of having a publishing company and making it into a reality? What has your entrepreneurial journey looked like so far?

TC: The entrepreneurial journey of PDMI has been a long endeavor that has spanned the course of a few years. Before PDMI began, My wife (Nessa Arcamenel) (26) and I (23 years of age at the time) had written our first books and pursued the dream of publishing. It was our desire to publish with an honest publisher who would cater to our individuality and understand our dreams, passions and personalities. This came to no avail and we were left dreaming of the possibilities which we knew would one day happen but the environment in which we lived did not allow for such innovation and dreams. I remember collecting upon a certain thought during the the whole transition of getting published and it was about the environment in which we live. That we must create for ourselves the environment around us. With this inspirational thought we began to seek further a way to publish our words. Bingo! The Internet! Oh how we take for granted the internet and all it could help bring to our social life and connection with others of a like mindset.

While in the act of generating our books to specifications required of publishing companies my wife and I had a collective thought…Why not learn the publishing industry ourselves? This became an initial desire and there you have it… The birth of PDMI (Perceptional Design Management International). During these years of research, graphic design studies, lectures, tutorials, kids and our jobs to make a living we were faced with many overwhelming trials as any company does when it first begins. From the loss of limbs… Yes that is right…I lost the top half of my left thumb (My writing hand) during my job as a saw operator for a chicken plant but that did not stop us from pursuing this dream of ours and nothing should come in your way of the dream of publishing.

MO: Let’s say that I am a first time author who finished a book last week. What steps should I be taking to start the publishing process?

TC: The steps one should be taking to start the publishing process is quite simple. First one must seek what route they would like to take their book in. I am not going to lie and tell you that it is an easy road. In fact, it is a long process. We recommend taking time to carefully look over and examine different the different publishing options that are available from many publishing companies. Be sure to know what goals you have and what you want to accomplish with your writing. After you have formulated your conclusion as to what you want to do with you literary piece of art, you want to make sure that you have overall confidence in yourself and believe in your work to make it a reality. Most people will not publish because they are afraid of rejection, long contracts and even low royalty structures. Having the confidence, desire and belief in yourself will get you picked up faster by more mainstream publishing companies, but first you have to submit your work and go from there. Do not get disappointed if you get rejected. Keep trucking and learn from these experiences.

Today more than ever people have considered self-publishing or indie style publishing. These are great routes but not for exclusively for everyone. At PDMI we focus on what is most important… Customer Relations and the building up of trust, honesty and commitment. This is why we are a personal publisher. We cater to the Authors individual needs. A place where authors can stand out and be who they are and have creative control and rights to their content. One on one personal assistance is always there and you do not half to worry about just being a number. Each Author is unique, deserves respect and is a person just like we are. Our mission is to turn the gears of perception into a design of reality.

We cannot stress enough about the Agreements/Contracts that are out there. Is it an exclusive or non-exclusive agreement? What rights will you retain? Will you control the content? All of these are questions of major importance and they need to be addressed. Know your rights before signing any contract/agreement.

If any out their would like answer to those questions we will be happy to assist them at 1-855-782-5474 or simply email us at info@pdmipublishing.com or check out the website www.pdmipublishing.com

MO: How can you offer a 100% royalty structure?

TC: At PDMI we believe in giving our Author’s complete overall rights, royalties and control of their content. The Authors are the ones who put their life into their words. With the overall success of massive distributors across the globe and their rates of charges per book sales, we do not want to take anymore away from them then what is already taken in those fees. These fees are required to run a business successfully and we understand this but why take any more from our Authors? That is why we have simply implemented a system where the Author receives every penny they deserve apart from the cost of printing and the standard rates of distributors. Authors can also receive copies of their own books at only printing cost plus shipping.

MO: What innovations in publishing and design are you most excited about?

TC: Author Innovation is what PDMI is most excited about. Our Authors are the ones who implement the ideas of PDMI. It is not about us, it is about our Authors. The publishing industry is constantly and rapidly evolving. We are always implementing new ideas and strategies that our Authors bring to us. When it comes to innovation technology, we like to thank all of our Authors for that. We love for our Authors to innovate with us and we give them that chance to be heard and listen with open ears every day. As part of our thank you to those Authors who help raise such awareness of these creative ideas and strategies, we conclude by giving them in return for their thoughts: exclusive prizes, discounts and rewards. We are excited to state that we now offer indie publishing style in publishing under PDMI Direct and our imprints. www.pdmipublishing.wix.com/pdmidirect

MO: Can you talk about some of the charitable causes you’ve recently become involved with?

TC: At PDMI we take on numerous charitable causes throughout the year. Some of our most recent engagements involve ‘The Children of Uganda Poetry Project’ which was formed under the direction of school teacher Philip Matogo under the direction of the Kiguli Army School in Kampala, Uganda. This book publication will feature many numerous children from the ages of 11-17 years that have all joined in on the venture of this publication to have their voices heard all over the globe. The parents are excited for their children and we are too. Each child will receive a a physical copy in their hands to treasure and love. We love the children and wish to bestow upon them a chance to be seen and heard for their talent and time they put into this project. As far as we know, this is the first of its kind and we are planning to do this again next year and the years thereafter. It will be featured through numerous sales channels including Amazon, Books a Million, Barnes and Nobel and Amazon UK to just name a few of the 20,000+K online retailers, outlets and distributors we submit our titles through.

Another Charitable Cause we have undertaken is the Supporting (through donations) Decanto Poetry Magazine based in the UK under the direction of Elisa Marieanna of Masque Publishing. Decanto Poetry Magazine is a an independent totally self-funded poetry magazine, who wish to offer poets the freedom to write in what ever style they wish. Always on the lookout and interested for new writers.

MO: What books are currently on your bedside table?

TC: Well my bedside table is loaded with a huge collection of books from our Authors and friends who have published. Do I have room on my bedside table for more? Indeed I do. They are all loaded on my kindle for easy access.


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