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“The key to marketing any business online is diversification.”


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Precise Plans is an event planning company located in St. Louis, MO. We specialize in planning parties and reunions of all kinds for businesses and individuals. We have been serving the Greater St. Louis area since 2006.

We are 100% committed to the success of our clients. Our associates go beyond the status quo to apply your unique style and personality to everything we do. We are driven by our client’s success, born out of passion and experienced in making our clients look good.

Gus: What initially attracted you the event planning industry? Can you recall the first event that you ever planned and what you learned from it?

Christal: In 2004 I volunteered to plan a women’s conference for my church. I knew nothing about the event planning industry or even how to negotiate with vendors but I wanted to help out. When the event was over, I swore that I would never do that again because it was so stressful! But a few days later I realized that I really enjoyed turning the empty room into a vibrant, lively atmosphere filled with people having a great time.

Gus: What are some tips for planning a successful and well attended reunion?

Christal: Planning a reunion is all about igniting feelings of nostalgia. Remembering the ‘good ‘ol days’ and ‘back when’ is the foundation of what a reunion is all about. We all have those moments we wish we could go back and experience again. However before the reunion takes place, it’s very important to get the word out and to get people excited about seeing each other again.

Gus: What are some small details that can make a big impact at any event?

Christal: It really just depends on the needs of the client. It could something as simple as a signature drink or a photograph. Or if it’s a business event, providing your guests with a small promotional item with your information on it. Something like a coffee mug or a flash drive with the company’s logo often times goes a long way.

Gus: Can you provide some tips for how to get results from online marketing while working within a ‘shoestring’ budget?

Christal: The key to marketing any business online is diversification. Your business should be listed on a number of sites ranging from free directories to paid directories specific to your industry. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Google+ and blogs can also be highly effective tools if used correctly. The key to marketing online with any budget is to link everything back to your website, make the content location specific and to tailor it to the needs of your niche market.

Gus: What are some event planning trends that you’ve excited about?

Christal: I’m most excited about the improvements in technology. When I first started, almost everything was done on a spreadsheet. Now with the recent technological advances, you can arrange seating arrangements, accept payments and manage registration all from your smartphone. It has made the whole process more efficient and less time consuming.

Gus: Can you expand on how you’ll soon be doing more business within participants within all 5 branches of the U.S. military?

Christal: Precise Plans recently became a member of the Reunion Friendly Network and a couple other associations tailored to military reunion groups. As a result, we’ve been receiving requests from clients across the country to learn more about our military reunion services. Additionally we will be attending military reunion planning conferences nationwide starting in the spring of 2013.


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