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“Customer Service is Not a Department.”

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Randi Busse, the founder and President of Workforce Development Group, Inc., is widely recognized as a Customer Service and Customer Retention Expert. Workforce Development Group, Inc. is a training organization that helps companies improve customer service, increase customer retention and maximize revenue through cross-selling, up-selling and referrals.

Since her company’s inception in 2008, Randi has become a trusted resource for many diverse companies and organizations which have relied on her guidance to help improve their customer service and increase their customer retention. Randi is an engaging speaker that uses real life situations and humor to customize the content of her programs, getting you and your employees excited and motivated to turn your customers into Raving Fans.

Randi Busse, Workforce Development Group - President & Founder

MO: Why did you start Workforce Development Group?

Randi: I am on a mission to help companies take better care of their employees. I wanted to partner with small to mid-sized businesses and help them improve the level of service they were providing to their customers. As a customer myself, I hadn’t been having many good experiences and felt there was an opportunity to provide companies with a customer’s perspective.

MO: What are some ways that businesses can improve their customer service?

Randi: By creating a culture of ownership among their employees. Many companies have disengaged employees working for them. Disengaged employees aren’t interested in taking care of customers. They are just there for a paycheck and aren’t committed to the organization or the customer.

Companies can also improve customer service by helping all employees, regardless of their position or department, realize that customer service is not a department; it’s an experience that is provided by ALL employees.

MO: Have you had any mentors during the course of your career?

Randi: I have had several actually. Some were formal relationships such as the business coach I hired when I was first contemplating starting a business. Others were people I met along the way who provided guidance and encouragement when I needed it most. I consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded by people that I can call on day or night for advice or support.

MO: What are the most common mistakes you see businesses making and how can they avoid them?

Randi: Many companies assume that their customers are being taken care of properly. They assume their employees understand the importance of the customer to the company and go out of their way to ensure the customer is having a good experience with the company. However, the reality of it is that customer service is taken lightly by many companies. It’s not the flavor of the month. It’s got to be a philosophy and a culture that is instilled from the top of the organization down.

MO: How have you managed to become known as an expert in your industry after a very short period of time?

Randi: My business has been built on the many speaking engagements I have been able to secure. I have become a sought-after speaker who uses real life examples to help people understand what it is that customers want and then give them the attitude and skills they need to deliver an outstanding experience to their customers. I also write a monthly customer service newsletter that provides tips and stories about customer service. My readership is growing every day.

MO: Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?

Randi: Yes and no. I always treated jobs I had as if I owned the company. I would continually go above and look for opportunities to add additional value to the organization I worked for. I never thought about starting my own business while I was working. However, now I couldn’t imagine not being an entrepreneur!

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