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When someone wants a great developer there is no harm for them to get on VenturePact.com and search, and if we continue to provide a great experience for any company that needs developers then we get this great word of mouth effect.

VenturePact helps businesses connect with trusted software development firms that best fit their needs. Outsourcing software has been a challenge for most firms and we have heard too many horror stories. We know that technology is critical for businesses to better serve their customers and to better operate so we wanted to make it easy to find amazing tech teams that can execute on your needs.

BusinessInterviews.com:  How does VenturePact help businesses make a better and faster decision regarding which firm to go with for their high risk projects?

Randy:  First, we run the vetting process so the time that companies usually spend screening developers is reduced significantly. Second, we match them to three firms so they do not have to speak with 10 companies. They are basically talking to each firm to see who they think fits in best with their culture and their specific tech needs. Third, we match firms to development teams that are within their budget, their location preference and that have relevant experience both in terms of technology and industry.

BusinessInterviews.com:  Can you talk a bit about the process of evaluating development firms on their quality and track record?

Randy: Sure, so we have spent a lot of time optimizing the details of our process as vetting development teams is very important to us. The main part of our vetting is our 4 step verification process that we implement. The first part is an analysis of past client experiences, here we are not asking high level questions, we want to understand the details of the experience, from the communication to the tech team’s management of challenges. The second part is a detailed review of their portfolio of work, including any open source code or contributions that they can show us. This is great as we can see how they write code and how they design their products. An important part here is to actually make sure you understand what they contributed to a product and what code the team wrote. The third part is an assessment of their remote work understanding, where we learn about their communication process and tools that they use to improve the remote work experience. The fourth main part is a test, where we provide the developers with an assignment and screen share with them to learn about how they write and think about code.

BusinessInterviews.com: What advice would you give to someone seeking a firm to develop their first mobile application?

Randy: Make sure that you screen the development firm for their technical skills, remote work skills and for cultural fit with your firm. Second prioritize your features and do not try to build too much in your first version. That will take a long time and cost you a lot of money. Start off small and then add when you have traction and feedback. Third make sure to use a secure payment system, our escrow payment system has helped companies build confidence in the development teams and ensure that they will only pay once each agreed upon milestone is complete.

BusinessInterviews.com:  What are some trends in the tech space that you’re excited about or think our readers should be paying attention to?

Randy: Wow, there are a lot of trends going on in technology right now, a few ones to take note of are the 1. internet of things, where all devices are connected to the internet, 2. virtual reality where we can trick our minds into experiencing very different environments in a virtual setting, 3. 3D printing is very exciting, and I think a lot of people underestimate the power and implications of 3D printing technology, 4. Drones and how they can impact transportation and logistics, 5. machine learning and the amount of data that we will have when everything is connected to the internet, so the analysis of the data would be a huge and growing field, 6. Blockchain, right now we are mainly seeing the impact of the blockchain with digital currency and bitcoin but it can grow beyond that.

BusinessInterviews.com: What service does a Premium Concierge provide?

Randy:  Our concierge guides you throughout the process of matching, selecting and engaging with development teams. They walk you through the process and are there to answer your questions when you are not sure how to select firms or get started. Many times the concierge also helps companies better prioritize their features and gets more detailed information about their product so that the company is better prepared to work with a remote team. Another key aspect is the advice and recommendations regarding payment schedules and communication process, as our concierge can help educate companies on common mistakes.

BusinessInterviews.com:  How do you plan to keep the momentum going?

Randy:  What we have done is allowed our companies to sign up, get matched, select and engage with development firms for free. We have also allowed our companies to use our escrow payment system at no additional cost and this has helped us grow, as we have removed barriers for companies to try out our product. When someone wants a great developer there is no harm for them to get on VenturePact.com and search, and if we continue to provide a great experience for any company that needs developers then we get this great word of mouth effect, where people refer others to our site.

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