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Our vision is to liberate and inspire, through technology and automation, any person or business to succeed online in this new digital economy of the 21st century.

Holonis, Inc. has created a new modernized marketplace of the Internet that is media, data, and customer driven. It is designed and coded to enable local and global commerce through connectivity, networking, conversation, trust, transparency, and customer relationships which builds brands and promotes loyalty in today’s digital economy.

Holonis is a disruptive technology, focused on leveling the playing field for digital commerce. With the Holonis Smarter Marketplace, buyers and sellers can bridge the gap as technology accelerates the digital divide. Empowering users to succeed with digital automation is our only goal and the reason we created the world’s first Smarter Marketplace.

Richard B. Hollis is the owner, founder, and C.E.O. of Holonis Inc. based in San Diego, California. Richard’s leadership and a desire to serve the global community with new technology that can make a difference has fueled his career over a span of three decades ranging from medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and digital technology.

Business Interviews.com:  Can you elaborate on how Holonis was created to democratize the way business is conducted online?

Richard: Holonis was designed to be the modernized online marketplace that has integrated all the essential components of commerce as one complete working ecosystem that democratizes how businesses and consumer interact online. By offering all the complete digital marketing tools from publishing, social media, communications, email marketing, commerce and analytics, businesses are able to build a comprehensive digital presence needed to survive and compete in today’s digital economy on the Internet. Furthermore, this is accomplished in a networked marketplace that is interconnected and empowers all users to engage in commerce.

Although the Internet offers endless opportunities for businesses to be found by customers online, the fragmentation of software tools and complexity of how they are integrated to collaborate together creates a digital divide between those who can afford enterprise-level solutions and businesses with limited digital resources or expertise. Through one complete solution, Holonis simplifies the complexity of succeeding online by empowering any business to be media, customer and data driven, all from one digital dashboard, helping them grow their customer base and build their brand online that is time efficient, cost effective, and a revenue center.

BusinessInterviews.com:  Can you talk about the process and any challenges you encountered while developing a whole new system that helps “Internet optimize” any business all from one dashboard?

Richard: One of the biggest challenges we encountered as a team was the task of creating a system with such an enormous vision and no prior blueprint. We had to create everything from scratch. However, having a “tabula rasa” (clean slate) was our biggest advantage because it allowed us total freedom to create and not be constrained with a pre-existing structure that would limit our innovation. There is a huge risk when taking on such an extraordinary vision because we always had to make sure that our technology and development matched our vision. But through hard work, dedication and constant iteration, we were able to take all the modules, applications, features and functions to work seamlessly and harmoniously together – creating a fully optimized digital headquarters for businesses to easily manage and drive their digital presence.

BusinessInterviews.com:  What advice would you give a small brick and mortar business with a strong local following that is hesitant to go digital? How can Holonis help these types of businesses compete on a bigger playing field?

Richard: Businesses need to understand that they need to go where their customers are and that old media is rapidly being replaced with the new media of the Internet. Customers are constantly searching online for relevant content, reviews, and connecting through social media channels. Holonis enables businesses to not only find these customers, but offers them a platform where they can manage their digital presence, engagement, and collect meaningful data about their business all in one place. By offering these tools, Holonis has leveled the playing field for any company or entrepreneur to have a fully-optimized marketing platform that empowers them to succeed online like any enterprise-level corporation. Holonis technology enables unlimited growth potential for any business.

BusinessInterviews.com:  How can you help businesses and consumers have a better experience developing relationships through automation of conversations?

Richard: By offering a complete communications module, this enables companies to not only stay on-top of conversations surrounding their business, but also connect with consumers through the platform. Businesses can create content and share on social media with a wider network of consumers while consumers can engage through media comments, reviews and communication with businesses in real time. Instead of going through multiple channels and platforms to find and communicate with consumers, businesses can easily engage and build lasting relationships from one single place that establishes transparency and trust.

BusinessInterviews.com:  You’re currently in early stage beta and gathering market and customer feedback to gain insights into your customer audience.  What responses and feedback have been most useful so far in helping strengthen your future marketing efforts?

Richard: With a piece of technology this large, there is always going to be different types of feedback, especially since Holonis is the first of its kind in the marketplace. Through our early stages of beta and customer feedback, we were able to identify pieces of functionality that needed polishing. All feedback, good and bad, provides us insights on features that required more in-depth iteration and ideas of what we want to add now or in the future.

Beta has also educated us on how well received this robust piece of technology would be received by the masses. There are many who don’t quite understand how the internet works and are confused by all the jargon and may not understand the power of the platform. Resistance to new technology because of a lack of knowledge is to be expected. But for those who understand the technology and how it can accelerate the success of their business, we will get many early adopters and create case studies that will strengthen our marketing efforts.   This has been extremely helpful when it comes to our marketing efforts because it has enabled us to see how to position ourselves in the market and what type of material we need to produce to educate businesses about what Holonis has to offer.

BusinessInterviews.com:  How can Holonis help users become smarter consumers?

Richard: Before making any purchase, a consumer can research more about that company or specific product through reviews left by other consumers, read relevant content that the business has produced, and learn more about that company thus creating better business-consumer relationships through digital touch points and conversations. Today the consumer has the power to get information. Consumers can do all of this and more through the Holonis platform by connecting with other consumers and businesses. Holonis enables consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions built on that trust and transparency that in-turn lead to relationships and brand loyalty.

BusinessInterviews.com:  What milestone are you most looking forward to reaching in the next year?

Richard:  Within this year, we aspire to hitting different milestones which will ultimately lead to us gaining more traction, building up our infrastructure, and gearing up for a national launch.

Our vision is to liberate and inspire, through technology and automation, any person or business to succeed online in this new digital networked economy of the 21st century.

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